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Lake Constance Region and its Highlights. Discover one of the classic European destinations at the crossroads of four magnificent countries. The Sales Guide Bodensee and our partners Sales Guides offer information, insipration and tips for tour operators, groups and companies.

Sales Guide Bodensee

Read our Bodensee Sales Guide - the comprehensive trade compass for the four-country region

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Tour suggestions

Überlingen at Lake Constance with view of the Alps

Lake Constance Highlights

6-7 days
Stand up Paddling  | © Surfmax Hard

The lake for active holidaymakers

8 days
Cycling in Altnau at Lake Constance in Spring

Four Country Bike Route

8 days
Lake Constance Gardens Mainau Island

Lake Constance - A gardener´s paradise

5 days
Das "Eriskircher Ried", Eriskirch | © Gerhard Kersting

Birdwatching at Lake Constance

7 days

Island hopping on Lake Constance

6 days
Abbey Cathedral of St Gall, UNESCO World Heritage Site close to Lake Constance

Treasures of the Past at Lake Constance

5 days
Whitefish at Lake Constance

Culinary pleasure tour at Lake Constance

6-7 days
© Kuhnle&Knödler

From Red to White

3-4 days
Lake Constance in winter

Winter adventure time

7 days
Rafting in the Ravensburger Spieleland close to Lake Constance

Family Highlights at Lake Constance

7-8 days
Christmas market Constance  | © Achim Mende

Christmas Magic at Lake Constance

6 days
Birnau abbey church at Lake Constance

Travelling through Baroque Heaven at Lake Constance

3 days
Steamship Hohentwiel

The story of mobility at Lake Constance

7 days

(Group) Hotels at Lake Constance

A detailled overview of all relevant group hotels structured by individual regions around Lake Constance:

Impressions of Lake Constance


Bodensee / Lake Constance in beautiful colors

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