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At Lake Constance region

Beer Tradition at Lake Constance

Some parts of Lake Constance are famous for its ‘Green Gold’ hops, which are used in a number of European pale lagers and wheat beers. Visitors to the region can gain first-hand experience of the hops harvest and elaborate drying process and more importantly, beer tastings. There are also a number of regional breweries where specialty beers can be enjoyed and you’ll never forget the smell of hops filling the air where they’ve been growing since the 12th century.

Selected Experiences & Offers

© Hopfengut No20 GbR

Hopfengut N° 20

HOPFENGUT No20 from hops to beer – the world of hops HOPFENGUT No20 in Tettnang combines hop production, a brewery, a museum, a shop and a restaurant; Here, the fourth generation of the Locher...

Mohren World of Beer

In the "Mohren World of Beer", immerse yourself in an enthralling experience covering more than 700 m² and exploring all aspects of beer. Enjoy an interactive and multimedia insight into the history...

Max Leibinger Brewery

Can you imagine how crystal-clear brewing water, Upper Swabian barley malt and Tettnang hops come together to make the popular Leibinger beers?