Cycling in Altnau at Lake Constance in Spring

Four Country Bike Route

A cyclist's dream: Cycle around the lake or explore the surroundings – it is all possible with the great network of cycling paths all around Lake Constance. Start your tour on your arriving day with a visit to Constance, the biggest city on Lake Constance. On the following day, cycle towards Stein am Rhein in Switzerland and explore the historic old town with a guided tour. Then it’s on to the Untersee: it is home to a stretch of largely unspoiled nature. At the heart of this unique landscape lies the officially recognized health resort of Radolfzell. With the longest lakeside promenade on Lake Constance along palm trees and blooming flowerbeds, Überlingen is another stop on your tour. In Friedrichshafen, the city's emblematic baroque Schlosskirche is certainly worth a visit. On your way to Austrian city Bregenz you pass the old town of Lindau, situated on an island in Lake Constance covering barely 70 ha. Then it’s time to take a detour of 64 km to the Principality of Liechtenstein. History, modern art, historical collections, outdoor and indoor restaurants and specialist shops: everything can be found here at the heart of Vaduz. Before you finish your tour in Kreuzlingen, near Constance, discover the little town of Rorschach and learn more about the stories of widely-travelled merchants, monastic granary administrators, Italian factory workers and regal summer guests in “Rorschach-les-Bains”.

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Your Lake Constance experience for 8 days

1. Constance | Germany
Constance is the largest city on Lake Constance and the only German municipality on the southern shore of the lake. The well-maintained historical centre borders Switzerland, Lake Constance and Lake Rhine which escapes the Obersee as a broad stretch of water flowing north-west.

Experience time: 3 - 4 hours

2. Stein am Rhein | Switzerland
On the guided tour through the medieval town of Stein am Rhein, you will plunge into the picturesque alleys, and learn interesting facts about the historical background of this delightful small town. The artistically painted house fronts around the town hall square are very impressive.

Experience time: 2 hours

3. Radolfzell | Germany
Radolfzell is the town with the longest accessible lake shore on Lake Constance. The nature reserve on the Mettnau peninsula, swathes of reedy marshland and an extensive, natural promenade are a little corner of Heaven for people and animals alike.

Experience time: 2 - 3 hours

4. Überlingen | Germany
Whether for a walk in the wonderful nature around Lake Constance, over a glass of local wine on the lively landing stage or in the warm water of Lake Constance thermal bath, Überlingen invites visitors to relax and enjoy on the sunny northern shore of Lake Constance all year round.

Experience time: 3 - 4 hours

5. Friedrichshafen | Germany
In the Zeppelin city of Friedrichshafen, impressive landscapes and a vibrant life blend seamlessly with Swabian homeliness. Enjoy the view from the attractive lake shore over the unique lake and Alpine panorama or float over towns and cultural landscapes alongside the Alps in a Zeppelin airship.

Experience time: 3 - 4 hours

6. Bregenz | Austria
Bregenz, capital of the Vorarlberg, combines art enjoyment, hospitality, zest for life and a unique symbiosis between the lake and the mountains like no other city. The city is characterised by its natural beauty, the rich and varied artistic attractions and the charming atmosphere.

Experience time: 3 - 4 hours

7. Vaduz | Principality of Liechtenstein
Whether you want to go shopping, take a stroll, taste the culinary delights or enjoy the culture: the little city at the centre of Vaduz is the beating heart of Liechtenstein. The pedestrian zone stretching from the government district to the city hall is closed to cars.

Experience time: 3 - 4 hours

8. Rorschach | Switzerland
Discover the oldest market town in the region, the corn city, the canvas city and the industrial city. Join a tour through the harbour city on the most southerly bay of Lake Constance! This tour takes you to magnificent stately homes, into secluded courtyards, to old factory buildings, washing areas and bathing facilities.

Experience time: 1.5 hours

9. Kreuzlingen | Switzerland
The Kreuzlingen region extends between Seerücken and Lake Constance, with the city of Kreuzlingen at the centre. It is the largest Swiss city on the shore of Lake Constance. You can explore the Lengwiler Pond nature reserve and bike along the shore back to Constance.

Experience time: 1.5 hours


Overnight stays: 7 nights

The tour starts in Constance and ends in Kreuzlingen.

Total length: approx. 337 km

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Internationale Bodensee Tourismus GmbH
Hafenstraße 6
78462 Constance

Tel.: +49 (0) 7531 9094 30
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