Map of Lake Constance

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UNESCO Site Bleiche 2 & 3

The Neolithic (3384-3370 BC) and Bronze Age (around 1650 BC) pile-dwellings were discovered 1944 during drainage-work. The archaeological layers are extremly well preserved....

The Battlement Walkway in Isny

The battlement walkway crowning the medieval city wall is the historic, architectural highlight of Isny in Allgäu. The narrow, wooden defense walkway is elevated and...
Pirate trip with the merchant vessel on Lake Constance

Pirating trip aboard the Lädine departing from Immenstaad

Those who fear that their eyes are deceiving them and that the Lädine (a merchant vessel) has fallen into the hands of pirates can rest reassured. Outfitted in headscarf and...

Tourist information office Nonnenhorn

Ferry Romanshorn on Lake Constance

Tourist information office Romanshorn

Rafting in the Ravensburger Spieleland close to Lake Constance

Ravensburger Spieleland

In the leisure park by Lake Constance, the entire family can enjoy unforgettable moments together: plunge into the depths of the Alpine Rafting, whiz up to the lofty heights...
Reichenau Museum at Lake Constance

Reichenau Museum

Visitors to the monastic UNESCO island learn about the cultural and historical significance of Reichenau in three separate museums. Together with the three Romanesque...

Ringhotel Krone