Map of Lake Constance

Limitless adventure

Meersburg New Palace

The New Palace crowns the city silhouette of Meersburg high above Lake Constance. The representative residence of the Prince-Bishops began to be built in 1710 and since then...

Ferienwohnpark Immenstaad

© Naturmuseum St.Gallen

Nature Museum St.Gallen

The exhibition invites visitors to actively explore­ the­ regional­ fauna­ and­ flora­ in­ seven thematic sections. The centrepiece is the biggest 3D relief map in...
Hegne at Allensbach

Guided Tour "Nature and the human soul"

Hike around the convent and village of Hegne and experience the spirituality of the place. Here, where the trees tower over us, reaching for the sky, the forest calls to us...

Appenzell Folklore Museum

In a traditional Alpine hut, a weaving cellar and an embroidery workshop, all built in the style of the 19th century, you will be taken back in time to observe the world of...
Bergtrotte Osterfingen wine centre of the Schaffhauser Blauburgunderland close to Lake Constance

Bergtrotte Osterfingen

The Bergtrotte Osterfingen offers its guests a range of 64 different wines from the Blauburgunderland for tasting, drinking and purchasing. The traditional Flair can be...
Sonnenhof spa at night, Bad Saulgau close to Lake Constance

Sonnenhof spa, Bad Saulgau

The sulphurous healing waters of the Sonnenhof spa, boasting five wellness stars, bubble up from a depth of 650 m in seven different indoor and outdoor pools with...
Surfmax Hard

SUP Hire

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Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein in der Nähe vom Bodensee

Museum of Art Liechtenstein

Museum of Art Liechtenstein is a museum of modern and contemporary art at the heart of Vaduz. The exhibition building of the Hilti Art Foundation, a major private...