Lake Constance City Hopping

3 Countries | 3 Cities | 1 Lake

Lake Constance City Hopping

3 Countries | 3 Cities | 1 Lake

Bregenz (A) Constance (D) St.Gallen (CH) — 3 countries, 3 cities and 1 “City Hopping” adventure around Lake Constance. This is a new way to discover neighboring cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Unpack once. Stay at one Hotel, and use trains, bikes and boats to expand your international territory any time of year. “Hotel Hopping” is a slightly different concept. This package has you moving around with overnights in each Lake Constance city: Bregenz, Austria; Constance, Germany; and St.Gallen, Switzerland.

Sparkling and international Lake Constance is framed by the Swiss and Austrian Alps and the soft Swabian hills on the German side. It is a fairytale setting crisscrossed by trains, bike paths, ferries, catamarans and ships, easily connecting 3 countries and two international harbors at Bregenz, Austria and Constance, Germany.

People use regular train service to explore the area and different cities by combining train,  the bike network and local ship routes to navigate the region. Active travelers come to the “Bodensee” to feel rejuvenated and relaxed, enjoying three international cities with a lively culture scene and genuine alpine hospitality.

Cycling is a national pastime in all three countries with many miles of well-marked, paved paths around Lake Constance through beer gardens, vineyards, city gardens, UNESCO sights and a flower-soaked islands and villages.

All Lake Constance international cities and sites are well connected by bike paths, ships and trains. There are hourly RegioExpress train connections between Constance and Bregenz. and hourly train connections between St.Gallen and Bregenz.

Bregenz, Austria is a energetic cache of modern art, architecture with lively weekend events and floating festivals.

The namesake city of Constance grew to fame during the scandalous Great Schism 600 years ago and its history is immortalized in the many fine art and history museums.

Mainau Island is a garden showcase of intense color and scent, a serious research facility and fanciful botanical realm with noble Swedish roots.

St.Gallen is the cantonal capital of eastern Switzerland, a beautiful maze of medieval streets, oriels, historic taverns, that unfold under the towering gaze of the UNESCO Abbey.

Discover urban life in three cities directly on the shores and hills around Lake Constance - The list below features combination packages and tour options within the international City Triangle at, and

  • Nature Tours
  • Cultural Tours
  • Active Sightseeing Tours
  • Culinary Discovery Tours
  • Churches and Monasteries Tour

Vorarlberg’s State capital, Bregenz is a hotbed of arts and culture peacefully located on the shores of Lake Constance and foothills of the Austrian Alps. The city’s own cable car takes visitors to the top of the Pfänder Mountain with hiking and mountain bike trails and million-dollar views across the international lake.  The city hosts the annual Bregenz Music Festival with its famous floating stage, but don’t forget about its world-class architecture, art exhibits, nightlife and museums.

Culture, nature, innovation and leisure: the largest city on Lake Constance and university town offers year-round cycling, hiking, shopping and relaxing moments along waterfront beer gardens and cafés. Visitors enjoy exploring the historic old town with its cozy wine taverns, fascinating Roman past and medieval church history with fine little museums and city walking tours. It’s the gateway to Switzerland with quick access via ship, train, bike path and bus.

St.Gallen, World Heritage City
The sacred city of St.Gallen was founded in 612 by an Irish monk who shared his bread with a hungry Swiss bear, who then gathered wood for the monk’s shelter fire. This hospitable, inter-species exchange laid the foundation for an imperial monastery and exquisite Abbey Library around which flourished a beautiful town, haut couture textile industry, a special sausage named “Olma,” and its eponymous agricultural festival. Urban and dynamic, similar and yet very different to her neighboring cities, St. Gallen in eastern Switzerland is easily reached from Lake Constance.


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