Christmas at Lake Constance 

Four Countries, One Lake, Endless Christmas

Lake Constance is a Christmas paradise, with traditions, customs and culinary delights from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein! Festively decorated cities in all four countries illuminate the shores. The many Christmas markets lure visitors lakeside, to our beloved islands, between snowy mountain peaks and in baroque castles. The lake that carries the sugary scents of waffles and cinnamon is the same on which white passenger ships sail back and forth connecting visitors to different Christmas markets around the Bodensee. Regional hotels offer Christmas specials, fulfilling your winter holiday wishes in the four-country region.

Christmas is a special time for enjoyment ...

… on that we can all agree. As spiced mulled wine fills the crisp air, the village people are busy cooking and baking your favorite holiday treats.

And despite the close proximity of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein to each other, each country is proud of their own traditional Christmas specialties, so it’s a good idea to visit as many holiday markets and festivities as you can!

Kässpätzle, Kässpatzn, Käsknöpfle, Chäschnöpfli ...
they all mean the same thing … more Cheese Dumplings, please! The delicious dish made from flour, fresh eggs, herbs and cheese has a different name on almost every Christmas market on Lake Constance.

Why is that? Well, Cheese Spaetzle is not just cheese spaetzle! In each country, this typical dish is prepared a bit differently: In Liechtenstein, the Käsknöpfle are served with fresh applesauce. In Switzerland and Austria, a blend of three or four mountain cheeses plays an important role in this recipe topped with crispy onions. And the German side is particularly proud of their Swabian spaetzle. Order up and dig in!

Specialities Everyone Must Try!

  • Germany: Schupfnudeln (finger-shaped potato dumplings), Dinnele (thin-crust flatbreads with different savory toppings) and Winzerglühwein (hot mulled wine)
  • Austria: Heiße Maroni (hot, roasted chestnuts served streetside in a paper cone), Käseknödel (a soft cheese dumpling), Glühmost (a delicious hot apple cider drink) and Riebel (this dish is comfort food to the core, served as a savory or sweet polenta dish that’s also vegetarian)
  • Switzerland: Biber from St. Gallen (gingerbread treats made from honey and filled with marzipan), Raclette and Fondue, Nusstorte Nut cake (looks more like a pie with a dense nutty filling and a buttery, flaky crust) and Glühbier „Heißer Schütz“  (from St. Gallen is hot spiced beer)
  • The Principality of Liechtenstein: Käsknöpfle mit Apfelmus (cheese dumplings with apple sauce), Ribel (a warm polenta dish with milk, cream, sugar or also made with sour cheese) and Tatsch mit Kompott (mini pancakes served with warm fruit)

Suggested Christmas Markets

With 273 kilometers of shoreline and four countries, Lake Constance offers more than enough
opportunities for Christmas, Advent and Christ-Child markets.

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Lindau Harbor Christmas | © Kulturamt Lindau, Wolfgang Schneider

Lindau Harbor Christmas

21. November until 15. December

Lindau Island is decked out for a festive Christmas: stroll along the harbor promenade past holiday market stalls. The entire old town is richly decorated and invites you to experience the holidays...

Constance Christmas Market on the Lake | © MTK, Dagmar Schwelle

Constance Christmas Market on the Lake

28. November until 22. December

The Christmas ship with its 360° panoramic bar, a two-storey Christmas tavern, the breathtaking lake and alpine panorama characterize the Contance Christmas Market, a place to enjoy and shop for the...

„Fairytale City“ Stein am Rhein

„Fairytale City“ Stein am Rhein

04. December until 31. December

Follow the fairytale trail with lovingly decorated shop windows that lead through Stein am Rhein. Diverse food and drink stalls invite you to linger in the medieval town. The unique ambience on the...

Lake Constance Christmas in Friedrichshafen

Lake Constance Christmas in Friedrichshafen

29. November until 22. December

Holiday magic spreads throughout the cozy Christmas village next to the Zeppelin Museum, inviting you to stroll, enjoy and shop along the lakeside promenade with its spectacular alpine pamorama. The...

Winter Magic on Mainau Island

Winter Magic on Mainau Island

21. October 2019 until 19. March 2020

Enjoy the wintry landscape of the island of Mainau on a leisurely stroll through the sleeping gardens. After exploring the island, two warm places invite you to linger: the Butterfly House and the...

Radolfzell Advent

Radolfzell Advent

21. November until 21. December

The Radolfzell Chocolate Market is a chocolately celebration. The Christmas Market boasts over 80 stalls and a fine selection of local handcrafts. The Radolfzell Advent village also attracts visitors...

Ravensburg Christmas Market

Ravensburg Christmas Market

29. November until 22. December

2 Markets – One great Experience! The traditional „Christkindlesmarkt“ and the Reischmann Christmas Market invite you to stroll, enjoy and shop in a special atmosphere.

St. Gallen – The City of Stars

St. Gallen – The City of Stars

28. November until 22. December

The St.Gallen Stellar City is unique in Switzerland and celebrates its 10th anniversary. 700 stars illuminate the city center and immerse the old town in a mystical ambiance.

A Castle Christmas in Tettnang

A Castle Christmas in Tettnang

29. November until 08. December

Festive holiday mood in the castle. The royal Montfort castle enchants visitors with treats, local craftsmanship and angelic voices on high.

Christmas Market and Skating Rink Überlingen

Christmas Market and Skating Rink Überlingen

12. December until 22. December

In the heart of the old town, craftsmen and traders from Überlingen and the Lake Constance region present their lovingly designed creations at festively decorated stands. A visit to the Christmas...

The Princely Christmas Market in Vaduz

The Princely Christmas Market in Vaduz

14. December until 15. December

Enchanting Christmas amidst a wintry mountainous wonderland. Enjoy unique views of the Liechtenstein Princely castle from the heart of Vaduz old town.

Christmas Markets in Vorarlberg | © Magdalena Türtscher

Christmas Markets in Vorarlberg

15. November until 24. December

Vorarlberg has a large varitety of Christmas markets where culinary delights and craftsmanship await visitors in Bregenz, Dornbirn and Feldkirch.

Forest Christmas in the skywalk allgäu

Forest Christmas in the skywalk allgäu nature adventure park

13. December until 15. December

Welcome to a wintry atmosphere at 1,000 meters, a Christmas market at the edge of the forest, festive lighting, fragrant treats, activities and a magnificent view of the Allgäu mountains All ages...

 Suggested Christmas Ships

Special holiday ships cross Lake Constance and connect Christmas
markets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Theme Ships of the Swiss Lake Constance Passenger Cruises

Theme Ships of the Swiss Lake Constance Passenger Cruises

08. November 2019 until 22. February 2020

Unique evening lake cruises with culinary delights. This is a floating fantasy of a wintry kind.

Advent Cruises on Lake Constance Passenger Ships

23. November until 15. December

Enjoy a festive, two-hour cruise accompanied by holiday music, Santa Claus, and a cup of coffee and cake.

Austria Christmas Ship | © Photo: Curt Huber

Christmas Cruises of the Vorarlberg-Lines

28. November until 15. December

Enjoy several Christmas markets in two countries in one day. The Christmas ship MS Austria cruises Thursday - Sunday several times daily between Bregenz and Lindau from Nov 28 through Dec 15.

Advent & New Year's Eve on the Art Deco MS Austria

03. December until 31. December

The MS Austria was put into service in 1928 and ushered in an era of motor ships on Lake Constance. This historic ship was recently reburbished with great care. Celebrate Advent and New Year's Eve in...

Catamaran to Christmas Markets

Catamaran to Christmas Markets

28. November 2019 until 06. January 2020

From harbor to harbor: The catamaran commutes every hour between Friedrichshafen and Constance and "flies" passengers directly and comfortably to the Christmas market shopping on both sides of the...

Overview of all Christmas Events 

in the Lake Constance four-country region!

Christmas Markets

21.10. – 19.03.

Winter Magic, Mainau Island (DE)

08.11. – 06.01.

Ice Skating Rink, Vaduz (FL)

15.11. – 06.01.

Ice Skating Rink, Überlingen (DE)

15.11. – 23.12.

Christmas Market at Kornmarktplatz, Bregenz (AT)

21.11. – 23.11.

Chocolate Market, Radolfzell (DE)

21.11. – 15.12.

Harbor Christmas, Lindau (DE)

22.11. – 23.12.

Christkindlemarkt, Dornbirn (AT)


Adventstadlmarkt, Bodolz (DE)

27.11. – 01.12.

Christmas Market, Schloss Großlaupheim (DE)

28.11. – 01.12.

Christmas Market, Ochsenhausen (DE)

28.11. – 01.12.

Christmas Market, Leutkirch (DE)

28.11. – 22.12.

Christmas Market on the Lake, Constance (DE)

28.11. – 22.12.

City of Stars, St.Gallen (CH)


Adventsmarkt, Oberteuringen (DE)

29.11. – 30.11.

Christmas Market, Meersburg (DE)

29.11. – 30.11.

Advent Market, Weingarten (DE)

29.11. – 30.11.

Christmas Market, Kressbronn (DE)

29.11. – 30.11.

Horse and Collectibles, Bad Schussenried (DE)

29.11. – 01.12.

Christmas Market, Kisslegg (DE)

29.11. – 01.12.

A Castle Christmas, Tettnang (DE)

29.11. – 22.12.

Lake Constance Christmas, Friedrichshafen (DE)

29.11. – 22.12.

Christmas Market, Ravensburg (DE)

29.11. – 23.12.

Winter Cabin Wonderland, Singen (DE)

29.11. – 24.12.

Christmas Market, Feldkirch (AT)


Christmas Market, Wilhelmsdorf (DE)


Advent Market, Wasserburg (DE)


Christmas Market, Reichenau Island (DE)


St. Nicholaus Market, Bad Saulgau (DE)


Christmas Market, Arbon (CH)

30.11. – 01.12.

Christmas Market, Altshausen (DE)

30.11. – 01.12.

Christmas Market, Salem Castle and Palace (DE)

30.11. – 01.12.

Christmas Market, Bad Wurzach (DE)

30.11. – 01.12.

Christmas Market, Engen (DE)

30.11. – 01.12.

St. Nicholaus Market, Deggenhausertal (DE)

30.11. – 15.12.

Christmas Market, Biberach (DE)

30.11. – 21.12.

Advent Village, Radolfzell (DE)


Advent Market, Hagnau (DE)


Christmas Bazaar, Aach (DE)


Advent Market in the Castle, Weingarten (DE)

04.12. – 08.12.

Isny Castle Christmas, Isny (DE)


04.12. – 31.12.

Fairytale City, Stein am Rhein (CH)

05.12. – 08.12.

St. Nicholaus Market, Weingarten (DE)

05.12. – 08.12.

Christmas Market, Radolfzell (DE)

06.12. – 08.12.

A Castle Christmas, Tettnang (DE)

06.12. – 07.12.

Advent Magic, Pfullendorf (DE)

06.12. – 07.12.

Christmas Market, Nonnenhorn (DE)

06.12. – 08.12.

Christmas Market, Langenargen (DE)

06.12. – 08.12.

Christmas Market, Markdorf (DE)


Christmas Market, Wangen im Allgäu (DE)


Christmas Market, Riedlingen (DE)


Advent Season, Ostrach (DE)


Christmas Market, Gaienhofen (DE)


Christmas Market, Steißlingen (DE)

07.12. – 08.12.

Upper Swabian Village Christmas, Oberschw. Museumsdorf Kürnbach (DE)

07.12. – 22.12.

Christmas Market at Oberstadt, Bregenz (AT) – only Sat, Sun

10.12. – 11.12.

Student Christmas Market, Weingarten (DE)

12.12. – 15.12.

Christmas Market, Ermatingen (CH)

12.12. – 22.12.

Christmas Market, Überlingen (DE)

13.12. – 15.12.

Forest Christmas, skywalk allgäu (DE)

13.12. – 15.12.

Christmas Market, Bad Buchau (DE)

13.12. – 15.12.

Wolfegger Advent Market, Bauernhaus Museum Wolfegg (DE)


Winter Magic, Stockach (DE)


Christmas Market, Wangen im Allgäu (DE)


Christmas Market, Herdern Castle (CH)

14.12. – 15.12.

The Princely Christmas Market, Vaduz (FL)

14.12. – 15.12.

Christmas Market, Immenstaad (DE)

14.12. – 15.12.

Christmas Market, Schaffhausen (CH)


Christkindlesmarkt, Bermatingen (DE)

18.12. – 22.12.

Christmas Market, Bad Saulgau (DE)


Winter Harbor Festival, Langenargen (DE)

20.12. – 22.12.

Christmas Market, Frauenfeld (CH)


Christmas Market, Wangen im Allgäu (DE)

21.12. – 22.12.

Christmas Market, Eriskirch (DE)

Christmas Ships

23.11. – 15.12.

Advent Cruises, Lake Constance Passenger Ships (DE)

08.11. – 22.02.

Theme Ships, Swiss Lake Constance Passenger Cruises (CH)

28.11. – 15.12.

Christmas Cruises, Vorarlberg-Lines (AT)

28.11. – 06.01.

Catamaran to Christmas Markets, Catamaran Bodensee (DE)

03.12. – 31.12. Advent & New Year's Eve on the Art Deco MS Austria

Suitable offers

Regional hotels offer Christmas specials, fulfilling your winter holiday wishes in the four-country region. And with the Bodensee Card PLUS Winter you can enjoy 60 services free of charge!

Advent Magic on the Christmas Island

Advent Magic on the Christmas Island Lindau

2 nights from 238.00 € per person

Wintertime at the Krone

2 nights from 194.00 € per person
City of Stars St.Gallen | © St.Gallen-Bodensee Tourismus

The City of Stars St.Gallen – Holiday Getaway

1-3 nights from 116.00 CHF per person

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