Rose Island and the shallow waters around it together form the UNESCO World Heritage component part. | © © BLfD, Foto: K. Leidorf

UNESCO sites Feldafing Roseninsel

Feldafing, Germany

Rose Island in Lake Starnberg was the first and only pile dwelling site that was discovered in Bavaria during the 19th century. With the exception of the nearby Kempfenhausen site it remains the only proof for the existence of prehistoric lakeshore settlements in Bavaria until today. So far, from Rose Island a single find is known that dates back to the first half of the 5th millennium BC. At the latest, from the Altheim culture period (3800-3400/3300 BC) onwards a permanent settlement existed on the island, which had its hayday during the 17th/16th century BC according to numerous Bronze Age finds and wooden structures. Iron Age foundation beams situated next to the northeastern spit of the island are very peculiar, as they provide the latest evidence of pile dwellings around the Alps at all.

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