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The Eriskirch Marsh

Eriskirch, Germany

The Eriskirch Marsh is the biggest nature reserve on the northern shore of Lake Constance. It reaches from Friedrichshafen till Langenargen.

The North Shore

The Eriskirch Marsh is the largest nature reserve on the northern shore of Lake Constance. The renowned area stretches from the Rotach confluence in Friedrichshafen to the Schussen confluence in Langenargen.

From the shoreline walking path, you can see the entire landscape, a patchwork of marshland and fruit orchards with rare plants, reeds, streams and wetland forest.

This wide shallow water zone is home to numerous animal and plant populations. Two observation platforms invite visitors to explore and watch the action.

When to Visit?

The best time to explore is from April to early June and September through October. Whooper swans rest here in the spring before they set off for their high-northern breeding grounds. Their melodious call lets you know they’re here.

Also the winter months are good for observing waterfowl in peace. Larger mud flats open up after the end of the cold season, luring numerous waders back into the area. And, from the end of April to May, the nightingale celebrates its spring concert heard far and wide.

As a breeding area, the Eriskirch Marsh is especially important for Great Crested Grebe, Gadwall, Black Kite and Golden Oriole. Occasionally, you’ll see kingfishers flying swiftly overhead.

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Opening hours

The nature reserve area is accessible at any time.

Information about the opening hours can be found here.


Recommended time
180 Minutes

Free Admission

The nature reserve is open to the public

Additional information

Due to the current corona pandemic, we recommend that you enquire about current hygiene measures and dates here before your visit.

Guided Tours

  • registration required
  • adventure time: ca. 1,5-3h
  • offered in English language as well
  • guided tours for families and kids are possible
  • extra guided tours for groups from 10 persons on
  • prices: depending on group size and adventure time


Images: Gerhard Kersting

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