Constance-Friedrichshafen catamaran

Constance, Germany

Time to go overseas – Konstanz to Friedrichshafen in 52 minutes The catamaran with on-board bistro departs hourly, directly from Friedrichshafen and Konstanz, carrying passengers across Lake Constance comfortably and at lightning speed. The attractions and shopping areas are just a stone’s throw from the jetty.

Winter proof

Taking a boat on Lake Constance is an experience, even in winter. Hardy holidaymakers are rewarded with spectecular panoramic views. Cold, clear air, breathtaking Alpine panoramas and relaxing tranquillity – Lake Constance is worth visiting in winter. The best way to enjoy it is on the lake, preferably on the catamaran. Besides the car ferries, it is the only boat on the lake during the cold season.

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Opening hours

The catamarans run at hourly intervals, at two minutes past the hour, from Konstanz and Friedrichshafen. The terminals are located in the Friedrichshafen and Constance city centres.


Recommended time
52 Minutes
22.50 €

Exclusively for holders of the Bodensee Card PLUS 
1st January–31st March 2022 + 1st November–31st December 2022

One return trip by catamaran 11.20 € (5.50 € for children).
Ticket must be purchased from the vending machine. The QR-Code of your Bodensee Card PLUS will be scanned. Please cover the barcode during the scan.

11.00 €

Exclusive for holders of the Bodensee Card PLUS:
1st January–31st March 2021 + Beginning of the winter season 2021–31st December 2021

One return trip by catamaran 5.50 €.
Ticket must be purchased from the vending machine. The QR-Code of your Bodensee Card PLUS will be scanned. Please cover the barcode during the scan.


Additional information

Barrier-free catamaran cruise
Visitors bound to a wheelchair can travel with the catamaran without major restrictions and obstacles.

Contact address

Der Katamaran
Hafenstrasse 6
78462 Constance

Tel.: +49 7531 363932 0
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Stadtführung am Hafen von Konsanz mit Blick auf die Imperia | © MTK Leo Leister

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