Friedrichshafen: 20 Years of the Zeppelin NT


20 Years of the Zeppelin NT: The Zeppelin-City Celebrates with Special Events and Culty Exhibits

Zeppelin NT — Still the Best Way to Fly after 20 Years

A Zeppelin flight is still an unforgettable experience. The motors purr quietly. The white giant gently lifts off the ground and glides elegantly above Lake Constance. From the passenger perspective, the world is their oyster inside the Zeppelin NT. Since its first flight September 18, 1997, the Zeppelin NT has inspired more than 230,000 passengers. Shortly after take-off, the dirigible reaches a cruising altitude of 300 meters (984 ft). Onboard, guests are free to move about, look over the captain’s shoulder and ask questions. Panoramic windows at every seat guarantee breathtaking views.

“Cult Legends, Stars and Icons” in the Zeppelin Museum

The “Cult” exhibit features the world of the Zeppelin cult, as well as the roll cults play in contemporary art. Artists examine the Zeppelin mythos and the mechanics of cults in society, politics and pop culture. The Zeppelin Museum exhibit runs from June 2 - October 15, 2017.

“Cult Games in the Schoolyard” Then and Now

Poetry albums, gossip games, Tamagotchi digital pets and Manga-comics. Starting July 4, 2017 the School Museum hosts “Cult Games in the Schoolyard,” an exhibit that takes a fun look at classic “cult” games and new trends in schools. The exhibit studies the relationship between kitsch, commercialism and games. Three originally-decorated classrooms from 1850, 1900 and 1930 invite guests (young and old) to sit at the chairs and desks and write on the chalkboard.

Exclusive Exhibit in the Dornier Museum: “50 Years of Star Trek”

How about taking a seat at the Command Bridge on the Starship Enterprise? Captain Kirk and his crew have landed at the Dornier Museum. Don’t miss this unique exhibition “Star Trek—Science & Fiction” on display until June 18, 2017, highlighting 50 years of Star Trek cult worship. Alongside the exhibits, the Aviation & Aerospace Museum’s own collection of original planes and aviation history inspires visitors to new heights.

Discover the Zeppelin City

History comes alive on the walking tourWith the Count through Friedrichshafen.” Visitors join local guides dressed in historical fashion and tour the city as well as the Zeppelin Museum. The audioguide self-tour is another way to explore the most important sites in Friedrichshafen, as told by Zeppelin University students. More information: