Constance – a historic and cultural Metropole on Lake Constance

Celebrating a “Year of Culture” in the City on the Lake

Constance – a historic and cultural Metropole on Lake Constance

Celebrating a “Year of Culture” in the City on the Lake … the South feels its culture on Lake Constance. The people here are relaxed, pleasure is a part of daily life and centuries of culture abound in the city. Palm trees and exotic plants thrive along the lakeshore and Mainau Island. The Big Finale is here as the city celebrates its 600th anniversary of the Council of Constance – the only city north of the Alps to ever elect a pope – legitimately!

New in 2018
This year, Constance celebrates a "Year of Culture” with a new ‘culture brochure’ featuring more than 50 pages of condensed cultural information with a detailed overview of events. It’s an inspiring variety that spans many topics and venues from music stages to museums, history to action tours, dance parties, theme cruises and much more …

Discover Lake Constance from its culinary side. Under the banner "Konstanz Ahoi!” three culinary ships set sail for the first time with tasty products from the 4-country Lake Constance region including a gin tasting, wine & cheese tasting and whiskey tasting. Information and special cruise dates at

Constance is delighted to present inspiring virtual tours with 360-degree panoramas of Lake Constance by professional photographer Achim Mende, “A Bird’s Eye View – by day and night.” Have a look: and

Living Time Travel
Cultural treasures are everywhere – on building façades, in the streets and alleys, and in our fine museums and galleries. In 2018, the largest city on the lake celebrates the grand finale of its 4-year living cultural exhibition: "600 years of the Council of Constance.” This year’s many highlights include opera "La Juive," open-air theater "Cyrano de Bergerac” on the Münsterplatz and the special exhibitions in the Rosengarten Museum.

The Rich Life: Tradition meets Modern
There are many reasons to visit the historic old town with its world-class boutique shopping and 400 stores. The harbor quay with its alpine backdrop is a lovely place to stroll and take a break in one of the many open-air cafés, beer gardens and restaurants. Multi-faceted city tours take the whole family on a vivid journey through the history of Constance. Take in a show at Germany’s oldest documented theater or at the award-winning Southwest German Philharmonic, as well as events in the new Lake Constance Forum.

Nature in her Glory
Constance is worth the trip any time of year: from lazy days on the beach to water sports action on the lake. Top destinations like Mainau Flower Island, Sea Life, the thermal baths and exciting boat trips offer many unique experiences. For active types, there is the hiking the SeeGang Trail, island-hopping by canoe, and mountain biking through the volcanic Hegau region. Then, meet up in laid-back Constance for alpenglow moments in the grassy park or happy hour in one of our historic wine taverns.