2019 is the “Year of Nature”

Western Lake Constance

Western Lake Constance

2019 is the “Year of Nature”

There is a hidden world between Lake Constance and the gentle mountains in the Hegau region at the western end of lake. The “quieter side” is where artists and writers like Otto Dix and Hermann Hesse found inspiration. The Western Lake Constance region invites you to the islands, volcanoes and “premium” trails less traveled.

The "Year of Nature" 2019 is highlighted by the new NABU Lake Constance Center in the Wollmatinger Ried Nature Reserve, a natural oasis for birding, kayaking and research nestled between the city of Constance and UNESCO Island of Reichenau. The new center focuses on Lake Constance conservation efforts and the natural world with a rich program of nature excursions from Constance.

Nature Adventure Tours: www.bodenseewest.eu
Nature Packages around Constance: www.konstanz-info.com

Island and vulcano hopping
At the western end of Lake Constance, Hike to the top of a volcano in the morning and sail a ship to an island in the afternoon. The views from the peak of the ancient Hohentwiel Castle and volcano are stunning over the lake and Alps. Then get to the water and paddle a canoe or ride the solar ferry to an island in the sun. Cruise to the islands of Mainau, Reichenau or “Lovers” Island. With charming islands and peninsulas, untouched shores, hidden coves and bizarre volcanic formations, a stimulating landscape opens up at the western end of Lake Constance.

More information: www.constance-lake-constance.com

Special Event: Hegau24 Volcano Hike
Hike all day and all night through a dramatic volcano landcape in the Hegau Region of Lake Constance, June 28, 2019. Participants receive a Gift Pack and Road Book for the 75 km hike with snack stations, breakfast, lunch, and an evening buffet at the finish line. Shuttles are available for those who run out of power. Adventure stations provide the experience of nature for fun. Walking event limited to 150 participants.

Register now: www.schwarzwaldverein-engen.de/H-E-G-A-U-2-4/.