Limitless pleasure in the four-country region

Enjoy life with all senses – welcome to the land of plenty: Lake Constance as a wine region resembles paradise for wine enthusiasts and foodies. Good food and wine is easily part of any tour of discovery, regardless whether guests indulge in several courses at an elegant hotel or simply enjoy a savoury snack at a winemaker’s – it’s tasty everywhere. Fresh produce, regional variety and quality play a key role all around Lake Constance. Guests can hop countries in a short space of time and the regional specialities and wines on offer quickly change accordingly

The stars of the Lake

The grape varieties of Müller-Thurgau and Pinot noir (Blauburgunder) can be found on the hillsides of the lake and along the shores of the river Rhine. What gives them an edge: they all grew under the same climate conditions, yet all have developed their particular flavour due to being grown in different soils and the special care of their winemakers.


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Experiences around the Wine Region Lake Constance

Dinner at Lake Constance

Wine and culinary art

Lake Constance is a paradise for sine lovers and gourmets: excursions go well with good food and wine.

Wine and knowledge

Wine is an individual drink that has been produced for millennia. So it is even better if you can learn more about this drink!
Walk in the vines at Lake Constance

Wine and activity

The wine region around Lake Constance is an ideal destination for wine aficionados who enjoy sport.
Schlafen im Fass in der Nähe vom Bodensee
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