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Christmas Magic at Lake Constance

Advent in the region of Lake Constance, incorporating four countries, is indisputably an experience for all the senses. On this tour, you combine spectacular Christmas markets with cultural activities. Start your tour with the island Mainau. Continue with the fascinating lakeside Christmas market in Constance and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee on a round trip by ship with the BSB in a Christmas atmosphere. In Stein am Rhein is the fairytale trail which awaits you with a unique winter wonderland experience with beautiful decoration. Saunter through the atmospheric Swiss city of stars in St.Gallen before visiting Vaduz with its Christmas market surrounded by a great mountain view. In the Vorarlberg region you have to choose from three different Christmas markets. From the Christmas market in Bregenz you can get to Lindau by taking the Christmas Ship MS “Austria”. At the magical Harbour Christmas in Lindau beautifully decorated wooden stalls, Christmas music and night-time tours are just a few things to expect. In Friedrichshafen a collection of cosy cottages directly on the lakefront of Lake Constance, right next to the Zeppelin Museum, awaits you to round off your tour.

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Your Lake Constance experience for 6 days

1.Winter Magic Mainau | Germany
Enjoy the wintry landscape of the island of Mainau on a leisurely stroll through the sleeping gardens. Two warm places invite you to linger: the Butterfly House and the Palm House. Explore the new boutique winter market in the Baroque castle courtyard. 

Experience time: 2 hours

2. Christmas market on Lake Constance | Germany
The largest Christmas market on Lake Constance stretches from the historic old town to the harbour. One particularity is the “Christmas ship”. Once aboard, the trip through the city of stalls couldn’t be more atmospheric. 

Experience time: 2-4 hours

3. Advent Cruises with the Bodensee Schiffsbetriebe | Germany
Starting from Constance or Lindau enjoy a festive, two-hour cruise accompanied by holiday music, Santa Claus, and a cup of coffee and cake. 

Experience time: 2 hours

4. Märlistadt | Switzerland 
Follow the fairytale trail with lovingly decorated shop windows that lead through Stein am Rhein. Diverse food and drink stalls invite you to linger in the medieval town. The unique ambience on the town hall square and the cobbled alleyways is a scene out of a winter fairytale.

Experience time: 2-3 hours

5. The City of Stars St.Gallen | Switzerland
The St.Gallen Stellar City is unique in Switzerland. 700 stars illuminate the city center and immerse the old town in a mystical ambiance, a very special experience for every visitor!

Experience time: 2-3 hours

6. The Princerly Christmas Market | Pricipality of Liechtenstein
Enchanting Christmas amidst a wintry mountainous wonderland with almost 80 christmas stands. Enjoy unique views of the Liechtenstein Princely Castle from the heart of Vaduz old town. 

Experience time: 2-4 hours

7. Christmas Markets, Vorarlberg | Switzerland
The Christmas market in the town centre of Bregenz is open throughout the entire Advent season. In Dornbirn, the large marketplace is filled by numerous stalls during the season. The medieval town of Feldkirch is also filled with an atmosphere befitting these special times. 

Experience time: 2-4 hours

8. Vorarlberg Lines Advent Cruise | Austria
Get into the Christmas spirit with Vorarlberg Lines. Before you get on board our comfortably heated Christmas Ship, a trip to the two Christmas Markets in Bregenz should not be missed. Crowning the event is the beautiful ride to Lindau. 

Experience time: 0.75 hours 

9. Lindau Harbour Christmas | Germany
Nowhere can Christmas market fans find their heart’s desire in such a relaxed manner and nowhere is the scenery more romantic: on the very shore of Lake Constance with the Alpine panorama shimmering in the distance. 

Experience time: 2-4 hours

10. Lake Constance Christmas, Friedrichshafen | Germany 
In December, Christmas magic fills the cosy village of chalets on the Buchhornplatz in Friedrichshafen on the very shore of Lake Constance. With its lifesize nativity scene, the market is the perfect place to take a stroll, shop and enjoy against the backdrop of the stunning scenery of Lake Constance.

Experience time: 2-4 hours


Overnight stays: 5 nights

Travel information: The transfer between the different stages can be undertaken with your own car/coach or by public transport (rail and bus).

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Internationale Bodensee Tourismus GmbH
Hafenstraße 6
78462 Constance

Tel.: 0049 7531 9094 30
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Stadtführung am Hafen von Konsanz mit Blick auf die Imperia | © MTK Leo Leister

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30. November 2023 until 06. January 2024

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Weihnachtliche Stimmung auf der Marktstätte | © MTK | Leo Leister

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