Steamship Hohentwiel

The story of mobility at Lake Constance

by water, by land, by air

Follow this road to discover the fascinating story of historic transportation at Lake Constance travelling by water, land and air. Start with the MAC museum in Singen that offers a unique combination of art and automotive. The Auto & Traktor Museum invites you to experience a unique journey through time and shows you the rural life with tractors. To draw your attention to the sky continue your trip in Friedrichshafen with the Zeppelin Museum, where you can learn more about the fascinating way of travelling in a Zeppelin and its moving history or take a trip yourself with the Zeppelin NT. Before you come back to the ground by visiting the Erwin Hymer Museum in Bad Waldsee, make a detour in Friedrichshafen to have a look at the planes at the Dornier Museum. The next attraction takes you to the city Hard in Austria located directly on the lake. There you can start a cruise with one of the famous historical ships. Back on land you head to Dornbirn to continue your tour with the Rolls Royce Museum. The FFA Museum in Switzerland is the end of the tour. It combines exhibitions about planes and vehicles, offers various Exhibition pieces and is a highlight for the whole family.

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1. MAC Museum | Germany
The Art & Cars Museum is an art museum of a special kind. It combines high-quality world-class art with rare vintage cars in ever-changing exhibitions. Both the museum and its outstanding architecture are fascinating landmarks in front of the Singen Hohentwiel.

Experience time: 2 hours

2. Auto & Traktor Museum | Germany
Taking a tour through the Lake Constance Tractor Museum is a unique journey through time exploring rural life with tractors from 1905 to 1970. The circuit takes in old craft workshops, a school, a laundry and much more. The second part of the museum begins with the very first cars from around 1900 and ends in the 1980s with the Opel Manta and Ford Capri. You gain an insight into distinguished urban life with hat shops, fur shops or a tabacconist. A fascinating museum for young and old as well as men or women.

Experience time: 2 hours

3. Zeppelin NT | Germany
The engines hum quietly as the white giant rises smoothly into the air and floats elegantly through the sky. The Zeppelin NT lays the world at its passengers’ feet – and wins their hearts with a round trip offering impressive views over the multi-faceted landscape around Lake Constance.

Experience time: 3 - 4 hours

4. Zeppelin Museum | Germany
With the world’s largest collection dedicated to the history and technology of Zeppelin airship travel as well as an art collection, the celestial artworks of famous engineers and artists from around Lake Constance are brought together in a building covering some 4,000 square meters.

Experience time: 2 hours

5. Dornier Museum | Germany
The dream of flying becomes reality – on a journey through the 100-year history of air and space travel! Giant flying boats, nostalgic passenger aircraft and fascinating exhibits from the field of space travel make a visit at the Dornier Museum a unique experience.

Experience time: 1 - 2 hours

6. Erwin Hymer Museum | Germany
The museum tells the story of the desire to travel and the longing for independence. Covering some 6,000 m², the permanent exhibition is an invitation to experience the culture and technical history of travel. Visitors discover nine dream routes that take them to some of the most attractive destinations in the world.

Experience time: 2 hours

7. Bodensee Schifffahrt Hard | Austria
From Romanshorn harbour, enjoy the gentle breeze on the lake, the nostalgic atmosphere on-board of one of the historic motor boats the Hohentwiel or the MS Österreich that can’t be found anywhere else in the world. The Hohentwiel is called “Europe’s most superbly restored steamship” and symbolizes all the craftsmanship of an entire epoch.

Experience time: 2 - 4 hours

8. Rolls Royce Museum Dornbirn | Austria
Unexpected and extraordinary – the world’s largest and most important Rolls-Royce Museum. An exhibition area at three levels, a reconstruction of the first Rolls-Royce manufacturing facility, an own restoration centre and the “hall of fame” are only a few highlights the Museum offers.

Experience time: 1 - 2 hours

9. FFA Museum Thal (Fliegermuseum) | Switzerland
The brand new “Fliegermuseum, Fahrzeugmuseum Altenrhein” (opened in July 2019) offers an experience for the whole family and takes you on a journey about the history of aviation and mobility. You can walk through the exhibits on your own or top your experience with a highlight guided tour.

Experience time: 2 hours


The transfer between the different stages can be undertaken with your own car / coach or by public transport (rail, bus).

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Internationale Bodensee Tourismus GmbH
Hafenstraße 6
78462 Constance

Tel.: +49 7531 909490
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Erwin Hymer Museum

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