Rafting in the Ravensburger Spieleland close to Lake Constance

Family Highlights at Lake Constance

The four-states-region around Lake Constance is the ideal destination for a rich and various holiday with the entire family. Numerous attractions promise an exciting time for young and old alike. The tour begins with the Sealife Centre at the harbor of Konstanz and continues with the reptile house Uhldingen, where you can learn more about various animals. A visit of the car & tractor museum in Uhldingen-Mühlhofen and a nice family meal in the restaurant next door follows. Next stop is the Affenberg, Germany´s biggest open-air monkey enclosure. Before you head to Austria for more exciting attractions, visit the skywalk at Scheidegg for an impressive walk 40 meters above the forest ground. In Dornbirn, the unique museum concept of Inatura offers visitors interactive means of exploring fascinating themes while making research, natural science and technology “understandable“. After that, visit the Abenteuerland Walter Zoo near St. Gallen. In Flawil near St. Gallen the entire family is treated to a little happiness at The Chocolarium - the chocolate factory in Switzerland. The tour continues with a visit at the Smilestones miniature world, next to the Rhine Falls. Last but not least finish the tour with an exciting adventure at the Ravensburger Spieleland.

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Your Lake Constance experience for 7-8 days

1. SEA LIFE Constance | Germany
Experience the fascinating of fresh and salt water fishes in all sizes and shapes first hand and walk through an eightmeter-long acryle tunnel representing the Red Sea biosphere. Enjoy breathtaking encounter with the magnificent inhabitants up close.  

Experience time: 1-2 hours 

2. Reptilienhaus Uhldingen-Mühlhofen | Germany
In the Vivarium in Uhldingen you can discover a wide variety of species, from the largest snakes, through the largest monitor lizards and to the smallest constrictors. Since 2014 you can also see “the rarest and most beautiful reptiles of Baden-Württemberg”. 

Experience time: 1 hour 

3. Car & tractor museum | Germany
The car & tractor museum is located between Überlingen and Friedrichshafen at the shore of the Lake of Constance. Experience a unique travel through 100 years of city and country life and see over 350 cars, motorcycles and tractors. It is a highlight for the whole family and after your visit you can enjoy a nice family meal right next door.

Experience time: 2-3 hours 

4. Affenberg Salem | Germany
For 40 years, Salem on Lake Constance has been home to Germany’s biggest and most attractive open-air monkey enclosure. More than 200 playful Barbary macaques roam free in a 20 ha stretch of woodland. The special park concept offers these animals to enjoy a life in a near-natural environment. 

Experience time: 2 hours 

5. The skywalk allgäu takes visitors high up in the air | Germany 
Discover nature from a new perspective – 40 metres above the forest floor. On the barrier-free circuit stretching some 540 metres between the tree tops, you enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the world with stunning views over the Alps and the region around Lake Constance.

Experience time: 3-4 hours 

6. inatura- Dornbirn nature show experience | Austria
Nature, humans and technology. Dornbirn’s “inatura” is a singular museum. “Please touch”. The inatura exhibition explores themes relating to nature, humans and technology. The museum includes interactive games and video projections as well as living animals and animal specimens that you can touch.

Experience time: 1.5 hours 

7. Abenteuerland Walter Zoo near St.Gallen | Switzerland 
About 120 different species of animal, children’s play facilities, a petting zoo and many other adventures experiences await you at the Abentuerland Walter Zoo in Switzerland. It is a highlight for every family tour.

Experience time: 3 hours 

8. The Chocolarium | Switzerland 
hocolate makes you happy. But how does happiness get into chocolate? Discover Maestrani’s Chocolarium and solve the secret of how happiness gets into chocolate. Enjoy a sweet journey through the fantastic world of discovery. Maestrani’s Chocolarium – the chocolate factory of happiness – awaits you. 

Experience time: 1.5 hours 

9. Smilestone Miniatur World | Switzerland 
Discover Eastern Switzerland in just one hour – from the Säntis Mountain to the Rhine Falls and the Alps. It’s possible! You can see it all in Switzerland’s largest miniature park at the Smilestones Miniature World.

Experience time: 1.5 hours 

10. Ravensburger Spieleland | Germany
In the leisure park between Ravensburg and Lake Constance, the entire family can enjoy unforgettable moments: Take off with the collective memory°, take an adventure trip with Captain Bluebear and fly through the air with the mouse on the family free-fall tower. (Overnight stays are available)

Experience time: 4-8 hours 


overnight stays: 5-6 nights

getting arround: The transfer between the different stages can be undertaken with your own car / coach or by public transport (rail, bus).

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Tel.: 0049 7531 9094 30
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