SEA LIFE Constance

Constance, Germany

Expedition underwater world

Dive deep into the underwater world and experience the breath-taking world of the oceans! SEA LIFE Constance takes you on a fascinating journey in the underwater world! Walk through the glass tunnel in the depths of the ocean as Amadeus and Clementine – impressive green sea turtles – and majestic sharks swim by, right next to you. Embark on an expedition to Antarctica and meet the 10 droll Gentoo penguins. Learn amazing things from talks by SEA LIFE guides and get your hands wet in the touch tank to find out how ray and shark eggs feel.

Learn amazing things from talks by SEA LIFE guides and get your hands wet in the touch tank to find out how ray and sharkeggs feel. Experience ‘SOS Schildkröte’, Germany’s first interactive turtle rescue station. Rescue your own turtle soft toyat the various interactive stations and nurse it back to health before releasing it back in the sea.

Discovery, learning and fun—this is what awaits you at the fascinating underwater world of SEA LIFE Constance with its more than 3,500 sea creatures. Ambientmusic and light effects will make your visit an unforgettable experience.


A visit to the Lake Constance Museum of Natural History is also included in the SEA LIFE admission fee. Here, you will learn more about the landscape and thediverse flora and fauna of Lake Constance.

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Due to high demand, admission is only guaranteed with a pre-booked online ticket or a time slot reservation.

Note: Admission to SEA LIFE is not included in the Bodensee Card PLUS!


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Barrier-free experience of SEA LIFE
The SEA LIFE is fully accessible to wheelchair users. A wheelchair accessible toilet is also available.

Lake Constance Nature-Museum                                                                                                                   In the SEA LIFE building you can also find the Lake Constance Nature-Museum. The entrance fee for this museum is included in the SEA LIFE ticket.

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Stadtführung am Hafen von Konsanz mit Blick auf die Imperia | © MTK Leo Leister

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