NABU - Wollmatinger Marsh

Reichenau, Germany

The NABU Nature Reserve „Wollmatinger Marsh“, extending over an area of 774 hectare, is the largest nature reserve on the German shore of Lake Constance.

NABU - Wollmatinger Marsh

The Wollmatinger Marsh is near the city of Constance where the Upper Lake merges into the Lower Lake. The birdwatching in this area is excellent, away from beach goers yet close to Reichenau Island.

Known for its near-shore reed beds, patchwork meadows and riparian forests, it is the region’s oldest and most renowned nature reserves on the German side of Lake Constance. The conditions support countless animals and plants, a few threatened species and rarely-occurring in their natural habitat. This area is a preferred resting and over-wintering spot for a quarter of all Lake Constance waterfowl. The NABU-Wollmatinger Marsh Nature Conservation Center has been the caring steward of this 767-hectare conservation area for almost 40 years.

The center offers 200 guided tours annually to raise awareness for protecting this sanctuary. Small groups of visitors get to explore the marsh in the company of local experts who are familiar with the bird and plant species native to Lake Constance.

NABU Lake Constance Center — Grand Opening 2018

In autumn 2018 the new NABU Lake Constance Center will unite the former Centers in one location offering visitors an exhibit and valuable information.

The NABU Lake Constance Center maintains 27 protected areas including the 1,000-hectare habitat network "Western Untersee.” It also represents the NABU Donau-Bodensee district association.

Our Tip:

If you hop on the bike saddle and follow the Lake Constance cycle path towards Radolfzell, you will find pleasant peace within the Wollmatinger Marsh protected area.

Bird species:

What does the year of birds offer? Which bird species appear?

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Opening hours

Information about the opening hours can be found here.

Recommended time
180 Minutes

Free admission to the NABU Lake Constance Center.

Main parts of the nature reserve Wollmatinger Marsh are only accessible with a guided tour. There are some observation platforms which can be accessed without a guided tour. (Details see below)

Additional information

Due to the current corona pandemic, we recommend that you enquire about current hygiene measures and dates here before your visit.

General information

  • platforms of observation can be used for free at the campground in Hegne as well as along the Reichenauer dam (Ruine Schopflen)
  • Information paths for independent exploration (Boards are in German) can be found at the "Gottlieber Path" (start at the sewage plant in Konstanz) and along the Reichenauer dam
  • for guided tours binoculars are available

Guided tours

  • guided tours in English are possible in different areas of the nature reserve
  • from 2019 on: guided tours will also take place in the area Göldern (next to the new visitor centre)
  • Suggested group size: 10 to 20 persons
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