Monasteries: Historic and Present

at Lake Constance

Since the early Middle Ages, monks and nuns shaped the cultural landscape. The intersection of spirituality, nature and architecture is unique among the diverse orders representing the Lake Constance region: Benedictines founded the first monasteries, followed by the Dominicans, Franciscans, Capuchins, Carthusians and Cistercians. Science, horticulture and art flourished in these religious institutions. Many former convents are open to visitors and invite you to participate in their spiritual activities.

Active Monasteries

  • Hegne Monastery
  • Reute Monastery
  • Monastery St. Erentraud Kellenried
  • Franciscan Sisters Convent Sießen
  • Benedictine abbey Ottobeuren
  • Monastery Untermarchtal
  • Fischingen Monastery
  • Beuron Monastery
  • Franciscan Island Werd
  • Franciscan monastery Stühlingen
  • Roggenburg Monastery

Inactive Monasteries open to visitors

Monasteries around Lake Constance at a glance

There were well over 300 monasteries in the Lake Constance region and many more churches and chapels.
This interactive map gives an overview of the most interesting destinations.

Interactive Map

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