Hike Liechtenstein’s History


Hike Liechtenstein’s History

The Principality of Liechtenstein can be crossed in a day! The new “Liechtenstein Way” with its companion LIstory App is the hiker’s travel guide with exciting stories about the tiny country.

Vaduz. – The creation of the "Liechtenstein Way" marks the anniversary of "300 years of the Principality of Liechtenstein” with a new hike and storytelling app that brings the past to life with innovative and creative technology. The app guides visitors along a dedicated route through Liechtenstein’s eleven municipalities, sharing stories about historic people and events while stopping to visit beautiful and exciting places.

Hike through 11 Municipalities
What an experience! There aren’t many places where you can hike a whole country within a few days and get to know its rich 300-year history. The app features 136 Points of Interest (POIs), events and historical sites all connected via the 75 km “Liechtenstein Way.” Visitors can access the route from any municipality and the trail can be hiked north to south and vice versa. The trail is designed to be enjoyed in stages since few people will complete the entire route in a single day.

Unusual Stories Revealed
The history of the country is told in a lively and exciting style — even locals will learn new stories about their country. Take the tale of Liechtenstein silkworm breeding. There were several attempts to establish silkworm colonies, but only one succeeded for a short time and visitors will get to learn about the remains of this elaborate industry with the help of the LIstory App.

Liechtenstein lives from its stories. The LIstory App replays these stories to hikers directly on site. “Standing before a memorial stone, the app tells you about Russian soldiers who fought for Germany in World War II and signed their surrender at this place in 1945," says project manager Martin Knöpfel.

The First Peek inside Vaduz Castle
With modern augmented reality, the LIstory App offers special insights into the past like the Roman fort in Schaan. And, for the first time, Vaduz Castle will be open to locals and tourists via the app’s 3D technology. Individual castle rooms are accessible for the first time with the help of 360° images. Even through castle tours are not open to the general public, they are now — virtually.

Grand Opening May 26, 2019
The “Liechtenstein Way” will officially launch with its partner LIstory App on May 26, 2019. All of Liechtenstein will unite to celebrate this special day in history with each municipality hosting local events. Schellenberg Castle ruin will come to life with a medieval festival, for example.

Hikers can use the LIstory App completely offline and if phone batteries should lose power during the hike, the path is still well marked with conventional hiking signs. There’s nothing to prevent a stroll down Liechtenstein’s memory lane.

Short Facts about the Liechtenstein Way:

  • Launch of the Liechtenstein Way on 26 May 2019
  • Runs through all 11 municipalities of Liechtenstein
  • 75 kilometers in length
  • ascents / descents 2'000 m / 2'000 m
  • min/max Altitude: 429 m above sea level / 1'103 m above sea level
  • Dedicated hiking time approx. 21 hrs
  • Sections are accessible to people with reduced mobility
  • Explore the Principality of Liechtenstein with the LIstory App from the App Store or on Google Play May 26, 2019

More information, route suggestions and accommodations at www.liechtensteinweg.li