Children Wear Lace – St. Gallen is Haute Couture


Children Wear Lace – St. Gallen is Haute Couture

Every three years, the Children’s Festival takes place in St. Gallen, which alongside the Olma, is the highlight of 2018. Regional textile companies support local schools in designing the children's celebration. The pupils display their imaginative and artistic creations during the parade and performances.

The St. Gallen Children’s Festival
The tradition of the St.Gallen Children’s Festival began in 1824 as part of city school reforms and can be traced back to older customs. Today, the festival takes place only every three years and in good weather.

The festival has changed over the course of time. A hundred years ago, the presentation of products from the city textile industry was the focus of the children’s festival. Marked by economic crisis and the world wars, the St.Gallen embroidery experienced challenging times. Only since 2015, has the children’s festival returned to its original concept. Of course now, it’s more modern, fresher and festive but leans on its traditional roots. It represents the textile legacy of St.Gallen and eastern Switzerland. It is a cultural heritage with worldwide significance.

Children’s Festival 2018
The upcoming St.Gallen Children’s Festival takes place in good weather on a day between May 16 - July 2, 2018. This year takes the name “FADIAN” as its motto, a play on words that harks back to St.Gallen’s textile tradition and the 500-year anniversary of the Reformation. “FADIAN” merges the word “thread” (“faden" in German) the symbol for the textile industry with the city reformer Vadian.

Sausage is the Highlight
St.Gallen is known as the “Bratwurst City.” Whether it’s the classic St.Gallen veal bratwurst, the Olmawurst or the Children’s Festival bratwurst, the people of this city love their sausage. Without mustard, naturally. The Children’s Festival bratwurst is the largest in the sausage family weighing 230 grams (a normal brat runs 110-160 grams) Until 3:00 p.m. no other warm food but these special brats will be served on the Children’s Festival Field. St.Galleners are in love with their sausage.

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