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Lake Constance City Hopping

3 Countries | 3 Cities | 1 Lake

Bregenz (A) Constance (D) St.Gallen (CH) — 3 countries, 3 cities and 1 “City Hopping” adventure around Lake Constance. This is a new way to discover neighboring cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Unpack once. Stay at one Hotel, and use trains, bikes and boats to expand your international territory any time of year. “Hotel Hopping” is a slightly different concept. This package has you moving around with overnights in each Lake Constance city: Bregenz, Austria; Constance, Germany; and St.Gallen, Switzerland.

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Your Lake Constance experience for 1-3 days

1. Constance (Germany)
Enjoy a cup of coffee in one of the numerous restaurants directly at the harbour of Constance. On clear days, the view from Constance harbour stretches over the bobbing sailing vessels and the broad waters of the deep-blue lake to the imposing peaks of the Alpine foothills. Konstanz is the largest city on Lake Constance and the only German municipality on the southern shore of the lake. The well-maintainedhistorical centreborders Switzerland, Lake Constance and Lake Rhine which escapes the Obersee as a broad stretch of water flowing north-west. Enjoy the view over the city from the Constance cathedral or visit one of the countless museums.

2. St.Gallen (Switzerland)
The city of St.Gallen is a World Heritage site, the lively centre of eastern Switzerland and an all-round cultural classic. Included on the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1983, the St.Gallen abbey district with its baroque cathedral and the famous abbey library is the centrepiece of the city. Numerous museums inspire visitors hungry for knowledge and a vibrant cultural life with a first-rate three-segment theatre, numerous cabaret shows and regular festivals maintain the city's excellent reputation as a centre of eastern Swiss life. The winding streets of the old town with its bay windows are the perfect place to shop and enjoy a bite to eat. A wide range of dishes are on offer in the traditional wood-panelled St. Gallen “Erststockbeizen”, including haute cuisine and regional specialities.

3. Bregenz (Austria)
With the broad spectrum of art, architecture, culture and nature activities, modernity and tradition combine in a unique manner. Bregenz stands for popular values, Bregenz is urbane and, together with its inhabitants, is open to the world and its guests. Bregenz is a city of encounters. The streets of the city centre encourage visitors to linger in the wonderful restaurants and cafés. Since 2013, the heart of Bregenz is once again the Kornmarktplatz, the centre of social life. An urban space with a modern design which fits in with the contemporary architectural landscape.



By bike:

The 94km long cycle tour goes from Constance through the Swiss canton of Thurgau to St.Gallen. From there it goes along the Lake Constance cycle path to Bregenz.

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