Upper Swabian Baroque Road: Basilica in Weingarten close to Lake Constance

Weingarten Basilica - Baroque & Nature in Harmony

Weingarten, Germany

Weingarten is a sparkling gem on the upper Swabian Baroque Route where the largest baroque basilica north of the Alps attracts admirers from every corner of the globe. The city’s landmark is a swirling cosmos of colorful frescoes, ornaments and painted ceiling detail, bringing heaven closer to earth in incredible artistic depth. The pièce de résistance is the richly decorated Gabler organ with its 6666 pipes. The enormous volume of tones emanating from the West Gallery must be heard in person to be believed.

The Weingarten Basilica also possesses the sacred holy relic of the blood of Jesus mixed with earth. The “Blood Ride” procession on May 31 and June 1, 2019 honors this holy treasure during Europe’s largest annual equestrian parade through Weingarten.  Visitors enjoy this spectacular event with up to 2,500 dressed horses and riders, traditional German music, food and drink.

Looming in the basilica’s shadow is another miracle of baroque activity known locally as the “Silent Stream.” Built and maintained by Benedictine monks, this amazing canal system is the lifeline of Weingarten and almost completely preserved as a living testament of medieval hydraulic engineering.

During the Baroque era, the people recognized the canal system’s value for economic reasons, but also as a popular meeting place for socializing in a unique, soothing atmosphere. Humble and quiet, the calm canal makes his way to Weingarten with barely a sound. Even today, the “Stille Bach” is a popular destination for tourists and locals. Weingarten’s Tourist Office offers guided tours around the basilica and the Silent Stream.

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