SlowUp Euregio Lake Constance

Frauenfeld, Switzerland

Between Arbon and Romanshorn, you can't hear any engine noise on the asphalt at all. A 25-mile circuit along the Swiss shore of Lake Constance following small roads and agricultural roads will be blocked to motorised traffic on the occasion of the car free discovery day, the so-called slowUp Euregio Lake Constance, ensuring right of way to anyone travelling using only their own muscle power. For cyclists and scooters, inline skaters, coach drivers, penny-farthing acrobats and hikers travelling with bag, baggage and pram through the picturesque nature, a number of festival areas offer culinary and cultural nourishment along the way. None slowUp municipalities, including the villages of Romanshorn and Arbon, ensure amusement, fun and games with air-brush tattoos and a rich and varied kids' programme.

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25.08.2024 | 10:00 - 17:00
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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, please get current information from the organizer at the same time.

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slowUp Bodensee Schweiz
Freie Strasse 29
8500 Frauenfeld

Tel.: +41 52 7206700
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