Birnau abbey church at Lake Constance

Travelling through Baroque Heaven at Lake Constance

The tour begins with a visit to Birnau Basilica and a breathtaking view over Lake Constance. The next stop is Meersburg with its more than one thousand years old fortress. The monastic heritage of this region at the heart of Europe can be experienced at first hand – when walking through the authentic rooms of Salem Palace, in the neighboring monastery or a stroll on the Mainau, where you can find a baroque chruch and castle. Then visit the baroque church St. Martin in Bregenz. To end the tour head to the swiss city St.Gallen, an UNESCO world heritage site, to visit the abbey district with its baroque cathedral and the famous abbey library.

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Your Lake Constance experience for 3 days

1. Birnau Basilica | Germany 
Known as the “Birnau Basilica”, St. Marien’s church towers over the northern shore of Lake Constance. The church of pilgrimage is a baroque gem standing on the western Upper Swabian Baroque Route. It boasts a rich baroque décor with impressive frescoes, stucco work, altars and sculptures. 

Experience time: 1 hour

2. Meersburg | Germany 
The baroque palace complex offers a magnificent view over Lake Constance and encourages visitors to take a fascinating journey of discovery through the splendid staircase by Balthasar Neumann, the majestic hall of mirrors and the palace museum on the Beletage.

Experience time: 1 hour

3. Salem Monastery and Palace | Germany 
Salem monastery is one of the most attractive cultural monuments around Lake Constance. The once powerful Cistercian abbey blends Gothic grandeur with baroque splendour. During the 19th century, the margraves of Baden made the huge monastery complex their palace.

Experience time: 2 hours

4. Mainau Island | Germany                                                                                                                                          In addition to its floral splendour, the island of Mainau also offers a fascinating baroque building: the castle and the adjoining church of St. Marien. The church, decorated in pastel tones, not only delights tourists interested in the Baroque. In the castle, you can experience various changing exhibitions.

Experience time: 1 hour

5. Bregenz | Austria 
The Tower of St. Martin with St. Martin’s chapel was the first baroque building around Lake Constance and, from a historical perspective, is linked to the founding of the medieval city which dates back to the Counts of Montfort in the mid-13th century.

Experience time: 2 hours

6. St.Gallen | Switzerland 
The baroque cathedral with its doubletower façade is the emblem of the city of St.Gallen and one of the last monumental abbeys of the baroque period. The heart of the abbey district is the abbey library. The rich rococo decoration of the library’s baroque hall is most impressive.  

Experience time: 2 hours



Overnight stays: 3 nights

Travel information:The transfer between the different stages can be undertaken with your own car/coach or partly by public transport (rail,bus).

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Abbey library in St.Gallen close to Lake Constance

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