Fischerhütte am Federsee in Oberschwaben

Federsee Museum

Bad Buchau, Germany

Bad Buchau

The Federsee Museum brings archeology to life. In addition to the exhibition of original finds from the wetland settlements of the Federsee area, there are also 12 reconstructed houses from the Stone and Bronze Ages. The museum offers activities for children and school classes like the popular ArchaeoTheater.

Additional information

UNESCO World Heritage Prehistoric Pile Dwellings

The museum houses artifacts from the sites around the Federsee that belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Site "Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps."

These sites include: Ödenahlen, Grundwiesen, Siedlung Forschner, Schreckensee and Olzreute-Enzisholz

Contact address

August Gröber Platz
88422 Bad Buchau

Tel.: +49 7582 8350
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