Christmas Market Schaffhausen

The second weekend of Advent sees the return of our Christmas market held in and around the cloister of the Schaffhausen All Saints' Museum, in an ambience like no other. Otherwise an enclave of reverent silence, the cloister will for one weekend become a scene of warmth and merriment. On 12th and 13th December, our Christmas market is sure to charm visitors as they experience the romantic atmosphere of the over 800-year-old historical landmark. With a colourful array of wares, ranging from wooden ornaments and fine jewellery to lovingly handcrafted gifts, there is plenty to entice festive shoppers to stop and browse. Fragrant waffles, steaming mulled wine, hearty raclettes and a selection of tasty treats are some of the culinary delights just waiting to be savoured.

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Opening times Sat noon - 8 pm, Sun 11 am - 6 pm

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