Spiritually Active

at Lake Constance

The journey is the destination

Pilgrimage means movement and this action sets thoughts into motion. He who moves is moving toward his goal, and that goal is usually within. More and more people are setting out in search of meaning and spirituality. For centuries, the Lake Constance area has been a gathering place for pilgrims along the well-known Way of St. James and other less traveled routes.


The “MeinRadWeg” is a spiritual bike route dedicated to Saint Meinrad, the German "martyr of hospitality." The pilgrimage bike path is cycled in four stages along the stations in the life of Saint Meinrad from Rottenburg am Neckar via Reichenau Island to Einsiedeln, Switzerland where a monastery was built above the tomb of the saint.

Offer Pilgrims with Pleasure

Reward your body and soul, let your thoughts roam free, and experience spiritual awakenings in extraordinary natural settings: Reserve your space with the “Pilgrims with Pleasure” offer from May-September on the Höri peninsula. An arts and culture program, as well as a 3-course meal await pilgrims.

Church Ships on the Bodensee

"Cast off" is the motto of the church ship that sails Lake Constance during the summer months. The "MS Großherzog Ludwig" invites passengers to church services aboard the ship In July and August. Passengers enjoy the refreshing lake atmosphere and recharge their batteries during the evening ecumenical service.

Upper Swabian Pilgrimage Trail

The winding Upper Swabian Pilgrim's Way leads to more than 100 pilgrimage places and monasteries in the Lake Constance - Upper Swabian region.

The path connects places that worship Mother Mary with pilgrimage sites dedicated to farmer saints, local saints, and other sanctuaries of grace.

Along the Way of St. James

Three Way of St. James Routes unite in Constance: the Linzgau and Hegau Routes lead from the Württemberg region’s Beuron Monastery to Constance. From Ulm, a branch of the Way of St. James crosses Upper Swabia to Lake Constance.

Pilgrims from Bavaria and Vorarlberg take the ship to Constance or the route via St.Gallen. Together they walk along the Swabian Path to the Black Madonna of Einsiedeln in Switzerland. 

An overview of the St. James Paths at Lake Constance can be found here.


Premium hiking trail close to Lake Constance


Going on a pilgrimage has a long tradition in Christianity. The focus is not on the destination, but the journey itself.

Library room in the Wiblingen monastery | © Oberschwäbische Barockstraße


On the go around Lake Constance: With these routes and panoramic roads, you are guaranteed to see all the highlights.