Roggenburg Monastery

Roggenburg, Germany

For more than 800 years, the Premonstratensian religious order has lived and worked in Roggenburg where the monastery complex and gardens shimmer in newly renovated splendor. Take time to linger in the meditation garden with its ivy labyrinth and stroll through our classical monastery herb garden.

The Premonstratensians founded Roggenburg Monastery in 1126, fulfilling their spiritual work until the Baroque period, a golden age of artistic activity that flourished here in southern Germany. Roggenburg’s Monastery church is one of the most important examples of Rococo architecture in Swabia featuring an opulent organ. After Napoleon’s secularization of religious institutions, the monastery was vacated. 180 years later in 1982, a new convent moved into these historic halls and now cares for surrounding local parishes.

Guests are welcome to overnight at the Monastery Guest House (Klostergasthof). In the name of St. Teresa of Avila who said: Do something good for your body, so that your soul likes to dwell within, we cordially welcome guests in our 3*** inn with 25 rooms.

People come from miles away to shop in our monastery gift store for local crafts and products, wine, devotional curios, culinary delicacies and many other items from the great monasteries around Europe.

Education as colorful as life is the motto for our educational center. All ages and affiliations are welcome to attend our cultural series like the renowned "Roggenburger Sommer,” featuring illuminating programs for the public.

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