Lindauer Genussherbst | © © Landratsamt Lindau (Bodensee) | Foto: Frederick Sams

Autumn on Lake Constance

Wasserburg, Germany

in and around Lindau

When the scent of ripe apples and pumpkins fill the air around Lindau, the Lake Constance region is transformed into a land of plenty for three weeks. Lindau, Wasserburg, Nonnenhorn and Bodolz and Austrian neighbours from Bregenz take part in the festivities. Under the motto "Pleasure knows no bounds," there will be a delicious programme with autumnal menus and packages for a short and sweet holiday. Interact up close with winegrowers, farmers and fisherman. For around 20 days, enjoy one culinary event after another at the Enjoy Autumn on Lake Constance with (at least) one event per day.

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