The Lake Constance cycle route

Explore nature on two wheels

260 kilometres, three countries, one adventure: The Lake Constance cycle route is one of the world’s most popular cycling routes. Sounds tempting? That’s no surprise! After all, this unique route gives you the chance to experience the breathtaking nature around Lake Constance and enjoy cultural as well as culinary highlights plus inviting hotels and great leisure activities along the way.

Which parts of the region does the Bodensee cycle route run through? What highlights can you discover along the way? And what are the best tips and tricks in terms of route planning and equipment? We have compiled some useful information for you.

Useful information: Everything you should know about the cycle trail around Lake Constance

Let’s talk facts: The Lake Constance cycle route is a paradise for cyclists of all ages and skill levels. The 260-kilometre-long bike route is full of unique highlights, special adventures – and sustainable benefits. After all, “slow travelling” by bike is not just a great way to enjoy nature and a lovely pastime, it’s also a remarkably eco-friendly way of travelling. To make the process of planning your next cycle tour around Lake Constance just as pleasurable as the ride itself, we have listed a few basic facts about the cycle route:

  • Route: The Bodensee cycle route covers a total distance of 260 kilometres, passing through Austria, Germany and Switzerland.
  • Starting point: The tour can be started at any point along the route. It’s up to you whether you want to change accommodation every day or explore the region from one central base.
  • Direction: The Lake Constance cycle route is ideally done clockwise, starting in a right-hand direction. This way, you get the best lake views and benefit from the convenient luggage transfer service.
  • Stage: To make the most of the landscape, cultural highlights and leisure activities around the lake, we recommend doing the Lake Constance cycle route in eight stages. In any case, the more time you have, the better you will be able to enjoy the region’s stunning nature.
  • Signposts & maps: The entire Lake Constance cycle route is marked by black, white and blue signs showing a cyclist. For more information on the individual stages and attractions along the way, please consult our cycle route map.
The Bodensee Cycle Route Anniversary
The almost 260 km long circular route around Lake Constance will be exactly 40 years old in 2023. Reason enough to celebrate together with our visitors. Throughout the year, various activities will take place to which we would like to cordially invite you.
  Everything about the Bodensee Cycle Path & Anniversary 2023

The individual stages around Lake Constance

Exploring Lake Constance by bike gives you the chance to discover the very best of what the region has to offer in terms of sports, culture and food. Our tip for first-timers: Take your time! It’s a pleasure to enjoy the nature around Lake Constance at your own pace and to explore the lovely villages along the route.

To make the most of your experience, we recommend doing the Bodensee cycle route in eight stages. No stage is longer than 55 kilometres, leaving enough time for leisure activities, sights and breaks.

Eight leisurely stages – our recommendation:

Stage 1: Constance – Überlingen

The first stage of the Lake Constance cycle route takes you from Constance via Mainau Island and Bodnarück peninsula down to Bodman. The final section of this stage takes you around Lake Überlingen and on to the city of Überlingen, covering a total distance of 51 kilometres.

Stage 2: Überlingen – Friedrichshafen

The second stage takes you along the shores of Lake Constance, passing by the pilgrimage church of Birnau, the pile dwellings of Uhldingen and Meersburg Castle. The route continues through picturesque vineyards all the way to Friedrichshafen. This stage of the route covers a distance of 29 kilometres.

Stage 3: Friedrichshafen – Lindau

From Friedrichshafen, the third stage of the route takes you further along the shores of Lake Constance, passing by Eriskircher Ried natural area and Wasserburg until you reach the “island city” of Lindau. With a total distance of 23 kilometres, this stage is short and sweet.

Stage 4: Lindau – Rorschach

During the fourth stage, you will pass through three different countries in only 38 kilometres. From Lindau, the route continues along the lake – first to Bregenz, then further through the Rhine delta all the way to Rorschach.


Stage 5: Rorschach – Constance

The picturesque fifth stage of the route runs between meadows and the shores of crystal-clear Lake Constance, passing by Romanshorn and Arbon until you reach Constance. You will reach the last stop of this stage after 38 kilometres.


Stage 6: Constance – Stein am Rhein

Covering a distance of 31 kilometres, the sixth stage takes you along the Swiss shores of Lake Constance, passing by pretty timbered houses until you reach Stein am Rhein.

Stage 7: Stein am Rhein – Radolfzell

Passing by the famous artists‘ peninsula of Höri, the seventh stage takes you to Radolfzell – a short stage with only 21 kilometres.


Stage 8: Radolfzell – Constance

The eighth and final stage of the Lake Constance cycle route starts in Radolfzell and takes you back to Constance via Allensbach. After 21 kilometres, you will have reached your final destination, which is also the starting point of your trip.

The most beautiful stops along the route

The Bodensee cycle route boast plenty of worthwhile stops, ranging from one-of-a-kind cultural sites to fun leisure facilities and impressive natural monuments. This climate-neutral way of travelling gives something back to the beautiful nature it benefits from. We have listed the top sights and attractions along the route for you:

  • Seestraße (Constance (DE))
  • Flower island of Mainau (Staad (CH) – Litzelstetten (DE))
  • Birnau basilica (Überlingen (DE) – Unteruhldingen (DE))
  • Eriskircher Ried natural area (Friedrichshafen (DE) – Langenrain (CH))
  • Rhine delta (Hard (AUT) – Rohrschach (CH))
  • Timbered houses, palaces and castles: Arenenberg Castle (CH), Castell Castle (DE), Neuburg castle ruins (AUT), (Gottlieben (CH) – Mammern (CH))
  • The shores of Lake Constance on Höri peninsula (Horn – Iznang)

Would you like to find out more about the sights and attractions along the Lake Constance cycle route? No problem! We have listed all must-sees of the region for you!

Tips & tricks for your trip

Leisure cyclists, families or passionate cycling enthusiasts: We have compiled some valuable tips and expert knowledge for all those who want to make the most of their cycling holiday at Lake Constance. With the following tips, you’re all set for your adventure on two wheels!

  • Luggage transfer: Luggage transfer services are a great way to make your cycling holiday more comfortable and convenient. Simply book your transfer until 16:00 on the day before, leave your luggage at the reception area of your hotel or campsite and have it delivered to the destination of this day’s stage. It’s easy, convenient and hassle-free! 
  • Best time to visit: The best time to do the Bodensee cycle route is between March and June, and in September or October. During summer, some sections of the route tend to get crowded. However, with enough time for a quick dip, the trip is also worthwhile during the hotter months of the year.
  • Bicycles & public transport: You can take your bike with you on all local trains around Lake Constance as well as on all buses and ships. Our tip: Every Monday between 13 September and 2 July, bike transfer on public transport is free of charge. 
  • Tour planning: Like any other cycling trip, a tour around Lake Constance should be planned well in advance. The Lake Constance cycle route is suitable for all ages and skill levels – for families just like for seasoned cyclists. However, the individual stages should be adjusted to fit the skill level of the individual group members. For tips and recommendations on tours for certain target groups, please consult our Lake Constance cycle route map.

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