Lake Constance Gardens tell stories

Network “Lake Constance Gardens – a journey through time” - making you want to discover green oases.

Network “Lake Constance Gardens – a journey through time” - making you want to discover green oases.

Lake Constance Gardens tell stories

The mild climate of Lake Constance has always played right into the hands of gardeners. Over the centuries, promising parks and lovingly cultivated gardens have sprung up between the blue lake and the green banks which dominate the landscape. The network, “Lake Constance Gardens – a journey through time” is inviting visitors to discover the most beautiful gardens around Lake Constance whilst also giving them the opportunity to learn about the exciting horticultural past of the region. The number of properties included in the green network is growing; since 2018 five new gardens became members: gardens of Bregenz, Castle garden of Messkirch, park Rosenau in Konstanz, VitaPlant and Regena both medicinal herb gardens in Switzerland.

Together, the gardens surrounding Lake Constance capture the entire development of European horticulture. Visitors experience first-hand, examples of gardens dating from the Stone Age to ancient times, gardens from the Middle Ages and the nineteenth century right through to gardens established in the modern day. And all of these styles within such easy reach of each other! If they so wish visitors can simply hop on a boat, bus or train to travel easily from garden to garden.

New gardens in 2018:
The gardens of Bregenz and that means that Lake Constance gardens covers now three countries, Castle garden of Messkirch, park Rosenau at the shore of Konstanz, VitaPlant and REGENA both medicinal herb gardens in Switzerland.

Individual Discoveries
Tour recommendations for individual journeys through gardening-time, whether by boat, bike, bus or train, are available for guests. There is also an all-inclusive trip offered by the tour operator “Radweg-Reisen” which may be booked on an individual basis. This cycle tour takes guests to many of the Lake Constance gardens belonging to the network and takes around six days. In Untersee, guests might choose to learn the history of gardens at their own pace and can travel on any of the four routes, each with a maximum length of 30 kilometres. Cyclists not only gain exciting impressions of the gardens but can enjoy the fantastic views across the extensive expanse of water of Lake Constance, which seem to appear as you turn each and every corner. On the island of Mainau gardening fans are offered the opportunity to spend a day (or longer if desired) in the role of a “Mainau gardener”. On certain dates the “Grüne Schule” on the island of Mainau also gives children the chance to take part in a “Kids’ Gardening” session.

Green Group Offers
The tour operator “art cities Reisen” accepts bookings from groups of 20 people or more and offers tours of castle and villa gardens from either the Middle Ages or the present day.

Highlights and Events in 2018
June 8-10 and September 7-9, 2018 Long Night of Lake Constance Gardens. At these evenings many Lake Constance gardens open their garden gate and let those interested in a secluded garden evening share. More:


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