Public transport

Mobility on site

Whether you are travelling by boat, rail or bus, the four-country region around Lake Constance is readily accessible without your own car. Often, this not only allows you to save money and a few valuable hours of holiday, but also makes an active contribution to environmental protection.

Bodensee Ticket

Travel with the Bodensee Ticket by bus, train and ferry in the valid zones - whereever and whenever you want. Whats's special about it? The Bodensee Ticket is valid in all Lake Constance border countries: SwitzerlandAustria or Germany.


Guest passes

In many sub-regions of Lake Constance, you can obtain inclusive guest passes  which, depending on the format, offer free travel on the public transport network. 

Train and bus:

Train lines connect the many towns surrounding the lake, with lake views during most of the journey. Here you can find more information and timetables to plan your trip: