UNESCO World Heritage

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites: UNESCO accreditation recognises only the world’s most significant cultural locations – and the Lake Constance region has an abundance of them. They include the monastic island of Reichenau; prehistoric pile dwellings in Austria, Switzerland and in Germany; and the Convent of St Gall in Switzerland.

UNESCO World Heritage

Lake Constance is home to many cultural highlights including three UNESCO World Heritage Sites; the island of Reichenau and the Convent of St. Gall are perceived as the cradles of European civilisation. In 2011 the Stone Age pile dwellings around the Alps were added. Many of the sites are located at Lake Constance and in Upper Swabia.

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Abbey Cathedral of St Gall, UNESCO World Heritage Site close to Lake Constance

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A journey to the historical treasures of Lake Constance
Konstanz: historical district Niederburg (c)Schwelle | © Dagmar Schwelle

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