Island hopping on Lake Constance

Some of the islands on Lake Constance like Mainau, the flower island, the vegetable island, Reichenau, and Lindau city island are well known – but others have been kept more of a secret! By bike, on foot or by boat, this suggested tour provides inspiration for exciting discoveries and experiences to get to know the islands.

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Dominican Island, Constance/Germany
Start or spend a night in the historic Inselhotel in Constance – the birth place of Count Zeppelin. Amble down from the hotel towards the harbour through the municipal garden which, with its idyllic panoramic view, is a magnet for tourists and a recreation site for the inhabitants of Constance. Tip: The nearby Spitalkellerei winery with its typical wines from the region.
Experience time: 1-2 hours

Flower island Mainau/Germany
Mainau Island – THE flower island in Lake Constance – is within easy reach thanks to the ships of the white fleet. Explore the flower island with all your senses – for example over a blossom menu in one of the numerous restaurants. With its colourful sea of blossom in spring, the roses in summer and the dahlias in autumn, Mainau Island is a round-the-year attraction for flower lovers from the four corners of the globe.
Experience time:  3-4hours

Reichenau Island UNESCO World Heritage site/Germany
The tour continues to Reichenau Island with the scheduled service of the Schifffahrtsgesellschaft Untersee und Rhein. The route takes you past Triboltinger Bohl island, which is part of the Wollmatinger Ried nature reserve – including the fascinating bird world.

On the tour of the island, you will learn more about the famous churches of Reichenau. Anyone interested in learning about vegetable farming can take a guided tour of a vegetable farming business. The best all-round view of the island and the surrounding countryside is from the Hochwart, the highest point on the island. In the Sandseele camp site bistro, you can enjoy snacks using regional products from Reichenau while admiring the impressive view of the Höri and Mettnau peninsulas and all the way to Liebesinsel.
Experience time: 2-4 hours

Liebesinsel /Germany
Gliding almost silently through the water, the HELIO is the ideal boat for guided tours along the nature reserves. Liebesinsel is one of the smallest islands in Lake Constance, nestling just in front of the Mettnau Peninsula. It was also a filming location for the film “Die Fischerin vom Bodensee” shot in 1956.
Experience time: 1hour

Mettnau Peninsula/Germany
On this 180-hectare site, nature lovers have the opportunity to learn all they need to know about the natural habitat of a wide range of waterfowl and to observe them as they go about their business. The information trail between the Mettnau Peninsula and Markelfingen offers fun for all the family thanks to the interactive boards presenting the habitats of the plants and animals on the Mettnau Peninsula.
Experience time: 3 hours

Höri Peninsula/Germany
Explore the well-developed network of hiking and cycling paths and admire nature in bloom during the spring, the pristine beaches in summer and the colourful woods in autumn. From the shore, you can look out to the little islands in Lake Constance.
Experience time: 2-3 hours

Werd Islands/Switzerland
From Stiegen, you set out on a short walk to the end of the lake where you can look out over the three Werd Islands (CH), one of which is very well known as a site of pilgrimage to Otmar, the founder of the abbey in St. Gallen. The remains of pile dwellings, now under the protection of UNESCO, can also be found here under the water. The walk also takes you briefly over the border to Switzerland via a bridge which was built by German and Swiss apprentices (remember your passport please!).
Experience time: 1-2 hours

Bregenzer Festspiele stage
Visit the artificial cultural island in the Austrian Vorarlberg. Every summer, the Bregenzer Festspiele present an open-air opera with the “Opera on the lake”, surrounded by the enchanting landscape.
Experience time: 2-3 hours

Enjoy the unmistakable atmosphere of the Bavarian city island with its picturesque alleyways and the magnificent 16th century town hall. The numerous cafés along the shore promenade, with its famous harbour entrance with lighthouse and lion are perfect for watching the maritime activity in the harbour.
Experience time: 1 -2hours


Tips for island hopping:

Pure as nature: most of the islands are easy to explore by bike, canoe or boat. The nature reserves, such as the Wollmatinger Ried, the lake with the majestic scenery of the nearby Alps and the unique cultural landscapes of the Lake Constance region offer special experiences and pure relaxation.

Enjoyable: flowers, fruit in every form (fresh, dried, juice or schnapps, etc.), vegetables, crystal-clear water, unique Lake Constance beer, organic meat, fresh fish and plenty of scenery for the eyes and soul create very special moments of enjoyment. Nature has been kind to the region around Lake Constance and in particular its islands. Chefs have almost unlimited resources – so why not give the local cuisine a try.

Churches, monasteries and the Council… explore them on many of these islands. Lake Constance is a source of energy for many people. Discover this unique heritage from the start of the Rhine to Constance on a range of different tours.

Movement: a sporty and exciting way of discovering the islands is by canoe. You can make island hopping in Lake Constance an adventure in unspoiled nature with canoe tours, for example with LaCanoa which operates numerous canoe stations around the lake.

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Mainau Island at Lake Constance

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