Adventure trip on Untersee and Switzerland

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1. Arenenberg – Palace with Napoleonmuseum
Discover the young life of Napoleon on a tour through Arenenberg Castle in Thurgau, Switzerland. This hidden gem on Lake Constance is a grand insider tip. The intimate rooms appear as if these noble occupants had just left the castle to go on short walk through the park.

Adventure time: 1,5 hours
Admission regular: 15,00 CHF- one free admission with the Bodensee Card PLUS Winter

2. Hohentwiel fortress ruins
The 22-acre Hohentwiel fortress ruins and grounds can easily be climbed on a short hike. It’s one of Germany’s largest and oldest ruins, and in clear weather, the views over Lake Constance and the Swiss Alps beyond make this a superb place to visit.

Experience time: 2 hours
Admission regular:  4,50 € - one free admission with the Bodensee Card PLUS Winter

3. Lake Constance-Therme Constance
We promise you a pleasant break in the warm thermal waters on the shores of Lake Constance. End the day in the jetted pools overlooking panoramic alpine views. The gentle lake breeze is especially refreshing after a steam bath in the outdoor sauna.

Limited experience time: 3,5 hours from Monday to Friday
Admission regular: 20,50 CHF - one free admission with the Bodensee Card PLUS Winter


Saving regular total cost for this day : 38,40 €

With the Bodensee Card PLUS Summer you receive one-time free admission to the above-mentioned excursion destinations. After this day your Bodensee Card PLUS Summer is valid for additional two days.

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Arenenberg close to Lake Constance

Arenenberg Palace and Park, Napoleon Museum Thurgau

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Fortress ruins, Hohentwiel at Lake Constance

Fortress ruins, Hohentwiel

The Hohentwiel fortress ruins, which covers an impressive nine hectares, is one of the largest and oldest ruined fortresses in Germany. Its defensive walls and casemates, its strong ruined towers and...

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The thermal spa Bodensee-Therme Kosntanz is located right on the shore of Lake Constance. While guests enjoy the warm thermal water, they have a spectacular, panoramic view of the Alps. After...