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Historic Castle and Palace tour

The Upper Swabia and Allgäu region has the right palace for almost every era. Magnificent baroque buildings along the Upper Swabian Baroque Route, medieval castles and classic Renaissance palaces: this Variety comes from the different dominions that have always stood shoulder to shoulder here in the region between Lake Constance, the Swabian Alps and the Allgäu. Your tour starts with the new palace in Meersburg, before you go to the Salem Monastery and Palace. After a visit to the historic old town and palace in Meßkirch, you have a look at the second-largest city palace in Germany, the Sigmaringen Castle. Neither should you miss the stately cultural monument in Aulendorf nor the New Palace in Kißlegg. Set off again for the new palace in Tettnang that is the perfect place to linger a while over coffee and cake. Continue your tour in the Principality of Liechtenstein with a visit of the impressive Treasure chamber in Vaduz which is a unique museum in the Alps. Next stop is Switzerland where you can discover the Munot fortress, a veritable emblem of the city Schaffhausen. Your tour ends at the Fortress ruins Hohentwiel above the city Singen.

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Your Lake Constance experience for 5 days

1. New Palace, Meersburg | Germany
The monumental staircase leads to the state rooms and private rooms, the church and the tea house. Enjoying
coffee and cake on the terrace with its magnificent view over Lake Constance to the Alps beyond makes the visit an experience not to be forgotten.

Experience time: 2 hours

2. Salem Monastery & Palace | Germany
Salem Monastery and Palace are among the most attractive cultural monuments around Lake Constance. During the wine histories special tour through the wine cellar, monastery, monks’ dining room, cloister and church, visitors taste three selected wines accompanied by entertaining stories about wine culture in Salem.

Experience time: 1.5 hours

3. Meßkirch Palace | Germany
A convivial walk through the historic old town and the palace of Meßkirch is an entertaining way to learn interesting facts about the little town. The guided tour ends inside the walls of Meßkirch Palace where you can enjoy a cosy stand-up buffet with baroque snacks.

Experience time: 3 hours

4. Sigmaringen Castle | Germany
Germany’s second-largest city palace stands high above the Danube as if carved from the very rock: during an exclusive costumed guided tour of the Sigmaringen Castle followed by a wine and game tasting in the historic palace kitchens, visitors can glean some recipes while listening to anecdotes about wine and game.

Experience time: 2 hours

5. Aulendorf Palace | Germany
There are lots of interesting facts to learn about the history of this stately monument during a guided tour. After the visit, a knight’s meal in the historic Ritterkeller or a selection of delicacies in the Schalander Inn, the former farm buildings of the palace, is recommended.

Experience time: 0.5 days

6. New Palace, Kißlegg | Germany
Stunning stucco ceilings in sumptuous banqueting halls – exquisite taste can be seen in both architectural and culinary terms: regardless of whether you are enjoying a wine tasting in baroque surroundings or a gourmet tour of Upper Swabian specialities, culinary delights are certainly not thin on the ground in Kißlegg.

Experience time: 2 - 3 hours

7. New Palace, Tettnang | Germany
With the “Kaffeekränzle im Schloss”, visitors begin to discover the counts’ private apartments. The stunning highlight of the visit is the “Kaffeekränzle” (coffee table) in the baroque “Bacchus Saal” (Bacchus hall). Visitors can then enjoy cakes from the historic recipe book of the Counts of Montfort.

Experience time: 3 hours

8. Treasure Chamber of the Principality of Liechtenstein | Principality of Liechtenstein
The Treasure Chamber of the Principality of Liechtenstein in Vaduz, the only museum of its kind in the Alps, focuses primarily on exhibits belonging to the Princes of Liechtenstein and other private collectors.

Experience time: 1 hour

9. Fortress of Munot, Schaffhausen | Switzerland
The Munot is the undisputed emblem of the City of Schaffhausen. No other city in the Confederation could afford such a monumental structure in the 16th century. There is a wide range of traditional and modern activities to be discovered around the emblematic fortress.

Experience time: 1 - 1.5 hours

10. Fortress ruins Hohentwiel Singen | Germany
The fortress ruins sitting on top of the mountain above Singen cover an impressive nine hectares. The ruins are the largest in Germany: the defensive walls, mighty tower ruins and the large house ruins still give visitors a good idea of what this bastion would have looked like in the 18th century.

Experience time: 2 hours


Overnight stays: 4 nights

The transfer between the different stages can be undertaken with your own car / coach or by public transport (rail, bus).

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Meersburg New Palace

The New Palace crowns the city silhouette of Meersburg high above Lake Constance. The representative residence of the Prince-Bishops began to be built in 1710 and since then has lost none of its...

Salem Monastery and Palace at Lake Constance

Salem Monastery and Palace

The former Cistercian abbey and present-day Salem Palace is located in the midst of extensive parks and gardens. It came into the possession of the margraves of Baden in 1802 and has belonged to the...

Meßkirch Palace

Built in the Renaissance style by the Counts of Zimmern in 1557, Meßkirch Palace is one of the first four-wing structures north of the Alps. You will see Germany’s oldest Renaissance hall (31...

Schloss Hohenzollern in Sigmaringen in der Nähe vom Bodensee

Hohenzollern - Sigmaringen Castle

Initially built as a fortress, Sigmaringen Castle, perched between the Swabian Jura and Lake Constance, is now considered a palace, a princely residence where the later Princes of Hohenzollern wrote...

Kißlegg New Castle close to Lake Constance

Kißlegg New Castle

The beautiful 18th century jewel at the southern end of the castle park was built by famous Baroque master Johann Georg Fischer in just six years. Two “Beletages” feature richly decorated stucco...

Tettnang New Palace

The former residence of the Counts of Montfort is one of the most attractive palaces in Upper Swabia. The rich fittings were created by leading stucco plasterers and craftsmen from the Lake Constance...

Hohentwiel Fortress ruins

Hohentwiel is one of Germany ́s largest fortress ruins and is a place of enchanted grandeur. The fortress imposing ramparts and casemates, its fallen towers and defiant ruins, still evoke the...