Blaserturm in Ravensburg close to Lake Constance

Sitting at the heart of the Lake Constance and Allgäu holiday region and with a population of 50,000, the former free imperial city of Ravensburg is the economic hub of the area. Already a trading centre in the past, it has now become the shopping city of Upper Swabia. At the centre of town, the Marienplatz is the ideal starting point to explore the “City of Towers and Gates”. The square is bustling with life, as are the adjacent streets and alleyways such as Bachstraße, where the Stadtbach flows in the open air, and the lovingly renovated Marktstraße.

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Attractive old town

Seventeen towers and gates, both round and square, with arrow slits and machicolations, colourfully adorned or sparsely decorated, bear witness to earlier times. Visitors can even climb one of the towers: at the very heart of the old town, the Blaserturm offers stunning views over the colourful roofscape and beyond to the Allgäu hills, the glittering waters of Lake Constance and the snow-covered Alps.

City walk

Once the centre of late-medieval trade, Ravensburg is still the economic hub of the Lake Constance-Upper Swabia region. A stroll through the old town offers a refreshing experience. Wander through narrow alleyways, dropping in here or trying something there. Whether your taste is elegant, trendy or classic – there is something for everyone in the numerous boutiques and specialist stores. A particular highlight is the weekly Ravensburg market. Every Saturday, the lively market attracts shoppers with its regional farm products, fresh fruit and vegetables, sweet-smelling bread, colourful flowers and international specialities.

Cultural experience in the museum district

Four museums make Ravensburg old town a centre of attraction for culture lovers. In the immediate vicinity, a wide range of exciting and inspiring exhibitions await visitors.


Must-dos in Ravensburg:

  • Stroll through the historic old town, perhaps as part of a guided tour
  • Enjoy the atmosphere on the weekly Saturday market
  • Climb the Blaserturm or Mehlsack
  • Walk along the serpentine path to the Veitsburg
  • Pay a visit to the museum district


The right place at the right time of year:

  • Spring tip: 
    After a relaxing shopping excursion through the chic boutiques and shops of the old town, enjoy a cappuccino in the street café
  • Summer tip:
    Travel back through time to the baroque era with the “Die Türmerin” town play then take a refreshing dip in the idyllic Flappach natural open-air pool
  • Autumn tip: 
    Explore the Humpis Quarter Museum with its wide range of guided visits. Discover the cultural monument and modern architecture with an audio guide or a museum treasure hunt for kids.
  • Winter tip:
    Stroll through the Ravensburg Christmas market with more than 100 booths decorated for the festive period

Experiences in Ravensburg

Museum Humpis-Quartier

The Museum Humpis-Quartier is one of the best-preserved, late medieval residential areas in southern Germany. In the 15th century, the Humpis family of international traders gave this group of...

Tower watchwoman in Ravensburg close to Lake Constance

“The Tower Watchwoman” city play Ravensburg

A city play set in 18th-century Ravensburg with the curious tower watchwoman Regina Nabholzin, played by Ana Schlaegel, Daniela Jakob or Angelika Wagner. ... There he stands on a footstool, dressed...

Museum Ravensburger

How does a game come into being? Why­ does­ one­ piece­ of­ a­ jigsaw­ fit­ into­ another? In the Museum Ravensburger, visitors take an interactive journey of discovery through the past and...

Tours in Ravensburg

Rafting in the Ravensburger Spieleland close to Lake Constance

Family Highlights at Lake Constance

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