Das "Eriskircher Ried", Eriskirch | © Gerhard Kersting

Birdwatching at Lake Constace

Following the birds

Every year, huge numbers of birds set out on a journey that will take them to warmer climes for the winter. For thousands of these travellers, Lake Constance is an important focal point. After visiting the NABU Wollmatinger Reed Nature Reserve, your journey of observation takes you to the Mettnau peninsula. Get to know the habitat around Lake Constance and its inhabitants at first hand on the 6-km-long “Life Path” nature discovery trail. In Radolfzell, learn more about the different (research) projects of the Max-Planck Institute for Ornithology around the world before observing birds in the Bee Marie bee pasture. The nature reserve area Federsee in Upper Swabia offers ideal conditions for observation on its 1,9 km pier through the fen landscape. In the Eriskirch reed marsh, the largest nature reserve on the northern shores of Lake Constance, you can experience the particularly impressive phenomenon of the autumn migration. Learn more about the largest wetland around Lake Constance, the Rhein Delta Nature Reserve in Vorarlberg, and stay overnight in the little town of Hard. The following morning, you’re off to Switzerland. Round off your birdwatching trip on the “Seetaucherstrecke” stretch of shore between Münsterlingen and Romanshorn and discover a number of black-throated divers.

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Your Lake Constance experience for 6 days

1. Nature reserve area "Wollmatinger Ried - Untersee - Gnadensee"
The NABU Nature Reserve „Wollmatinger Ried – Untersee - Gnadensee“, extending over an area of 774 ha, is the largest nature reserve on the german shore of Lake Constance. The reserve is home to over 290 different bird species.

Experience time: 3-4 hours

2. Mettnau Life Path
Find out everything you always wanted to know about Lake Constance at the 19 stations around the Markelfinger Winkel. Where do the numerous ducks come from? What did the Ice Age leave behind for us?? The 6-km-long nature discovery trail leads from the Mettnau Tower to the “Friends of Nature House” in Markelfingen.

Experience time: 2-3 hours

3. Max-Planck Institute for Ornithology and visitor centre, Radolfzell
In the Hennhouse, an interactive media room, visitors are given the opportunity, without any need for prior notification, to find out about the different (research) projects of the Max-Planck Institute for Ornithology around the world through a selection of films and slide shows.

Experience time: 2-3 hours

4. EU Federsee Nature Reserve
Explore this unique fen landscape from path, boardwalk and observation tower. Or join a guided tour from NABU. Take the opportunity to visit the permanent exhibition in the nature conservation centre and learn about the local area.

Experience time: 2-3 hours

5. The “Eriskirch Marsh”, Eriskirch
The Eriskirch Marsh is the largest nature reserve on the northern shores of Lake Constance. It is a particularly important breeding ground for great crested grebes, gadwalls, black kites and orioles. A footpath runs parallel to the shore leading to two observation platforms that are ideal for birdwatching.

Experience time: 3-4 hours

6. Rhein delta: people and nature in perfect harmony in Fussach, Höchst, Gaißau
The most species-rich nature reserve in Vorarlberg provides endangered animals with protection while offering guests the chance to relax and gain valuable insights into the flora and fauna on the shores of Lake Constance.

Experience time: 3-4 hours

7. Hotel am See, Hard
In no time at all, the Hotel am See in Hard brings you closer to the unique character of the Rhine delta nature reserve through special deals that change every month and a specially designed birdwatching app.

Experience time: 0,5-1 day

8. Seetaucherstrecke between Münsterlingen and Romanshorn
While this area does not have protected status, it is nevertheless of national importance for migratory birds and other visitors which spend the winter. This is the perfect place to observe species of birds which prefer to overwinter in deep, nutrient-poor water.

Experience time: 3-4 hours


overnight stays: 5 nights

getting around: transport between the stations can be organized either by car / bus or by public transport (train, bus or ship).

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Special experiences along the Birdwatching Tour

Das "Eriskircher Ried" | © Gerhard Kersting

The Eriskirch Marsh

The Eriskirch Marsh is the biggest nature reserve on the northern shore of Lake Constance. It reaches from Friedrichshafen till Langenargen.

Max-Planck Institut für Ornithologie, Radolfzell

Max-Planck-Institute for Ornithology

On Lake Constance there is the only Max-Planck-Institute for Ornithology. Its sake scientific research is well known in bench markets providing an extraordinary state of technology.

NABU - Wollmatinger Marsh

The NABU Nature Reserve „Wollmatinger Marsh“, extending over an area of 774 hectare, is the largest nature reserve on the German shore of Lake Constance.

Birdwatching auf dem Wasser

Birdwatching on board

The Schweizerische Schifffahrtsgesellschaft Untersee und Rhein (URh) offers a wide range of services along the Rhine river landscape, which counts to one of the most beautiful European river journeys.

Birdwatching in Rhine Delta, Vorarlberg

One of the best birding sites Austria has to offer is the Rhine Delta in the westernmost state of Vorarlberg, on the shores of Lake Constance.