Map of Lake Constance

Limitless adventure

Dornbirn municipal museum

The Dornbirn municipal museum ist located in a 200-year-old patrician house directly on the market square. Spread across­ three­ floors,­ select­ artefacts­ tell­ the...
Old Castle in Meersburg at Lake Constance

Old Castle in Meersburg

Anyone who crosses the drawbridge and walks through the heavy entrance door to Meersburg Castle finds themselves plunged into the fascinating world of bygone times. The...
Pirate trip with the merchant vessel on Lake Constance

Pirate trip with the merchant vessel from Immenstaad

Anyone that doesn’t believe their eyes and fears that the merchant vessel has fallen into the hands of pirates can rest assured. With bandanas and eye patches, the entire...

UNESCO Site Egelsee

The Neolithic site (around 3660 BC) was excavated during 1962. Several well preserved ground layers of wooden houses were found. The dwelling is well known for its fantastic...
Luftbild von Langenargen am Bodensee

Harbour tour with the “Seelöwe”

Travel with the “Seelöwe” from the “Gemeindehafen Langenargen” to the “BMK-Yachthafen” or the “Marina Ultramarin” in Kressbronn. Both Harbours provide...

Pension am Bodensee

Max Leibinger Brewery

Can you imagine how crystal-clear brewing water, Upper Swabian barley malt and Tettnang hops come together to make the popular Leibinger beers?

UNESCO Site Wollmatingen Langenrain

The site was discovered in 1881/82 by D. Nägeli, and shortly thereafter in 1882 he carried out the first excavations together with L. Leiner.
Höhrenberg at Allensbach

A ramble through Allensbach

Learn about Allenbach’s history and peculiarities in a fun manner. Discover the town accompanied by an authentic Allensbach resident. We are sure that you will come to love...