Wine and culture

Limitless pleasure in the four-country region

Music, art and culture – an ideal combination with lake wine. All year round, there is so much to discover here, combining perfectly with a wine excursion. It doesn't matter if you enjoy visiting museums, listening to music, exploring castles or discovering interesting architecture. There are cultural sights almost everywhere as culture and pleasure go hand in hand on Lake Constance!

Cultural delights

A host of tourist attractions are strung together like a string of pearls along the lake shore. After hours of leisure, there is nothing better than sitting on the shore and drinking a glass of wine from the Lake Constance region. Numerous events are also devoted to combining culture and pleasure...

Wine festivals

Convivial wine festivals are held everywhere where people are passionate about showing guests hospitality. At the “Komm und See” Festival on the Bavarian shore of Lake Constance, visitors can make a pilgrimage from one winery to another. At the wine festival in Meersburg, locals and visitors come together to drink a toast or two while the wine and fishing festival on Reichenau Island is also on the calendar of a Lake Constance wine aficionado.