Wine and culinary art

Limitless pleasure in the four-country region

Delicious wines and fine cuisine in a year-round gourmet festival. Lake Constance is a paradise for sine lovers and gourmets: excursions go well with good food and wine. Be it on menus with several courses in an elegant hotel or a hearty snack in a winery – it tastes good everywhere. Most importantly, all around Lake Constance, great value is placed on fresh products, regional diversity and quality. It doesn't take long to experience four countries together with their regional specialities and wines.

Culinary highlights

The whole lake is one big feast – wine and good food go hand in hand. For example, the “Genussfestival” always takes place in spring in the Schaffhausen pinot noir area. And twice a year, Thurgau holds a gourmet week while visitors can enjoy the “Lindauer Genussherbst” at harvest time on the Bavarian shore of the lake...

Taste and be amazed

The wine makers look forward to welcoming visitors who want to understand the lake wines. Every year in April, the Lake Constance wine fair is held in Friedrichshafen. On 1 May, the wine makers in eastern Switzerland open all the cellar doors while more than 20 producers present their wines at the “Schafuuser Wiiprob” held at the end of August...