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Culture around Lake Constance

Castles, palaces, monasteries and churches: steeped in history, all of them can be found in the Lake Constance region. The former Cistercian abbey of Salem Monastery and Castle and the Hohentwiel fortress ruins are some of the most impressive. Abbeys and churches have characterised the landscape around Lake Constance since the early Middle Ages. This has not only created a unique cultural landscape but has been the impetus for numerous innovations.

Carthusian Monastery
The allure and variety of the gardens in the former Carthusian Monastery delight every visitor. Herb, vegetable, hop and wine gardens can be explored with audio guidance leading on to four themed paths. More than 1,000 rose
trees and the most expansive historical rose collection in Switzerland turn the gardens into a delightful sea of flowers.

All you Need to know about churches and abbeys

Four countries, one lake: A couple of choice tips for holidaymakers and travellers on this subject:

Carthusian Monastery Ittingen close to Lake Constance

Selected churches & monasteries

in the four-country region around Lake Constance
Konstanz: historical district Niederburg (c)Schwelle | © Dagmar Schwelle

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