A lively cultural scene

Culture around Lake Constance

Painters, poets and pioneers have always felt at home on the shores of Lake Constance — art and architecture are part of its tradition. At the Bregenz Festival, operas become multi-coloured open-air spectacles; the Cultural Waterside in Friedrichshafen gives street artists a stage to perform. A number of UNESCO World Heritage sites, historic parks, first-class museums and music festivals from hip-hop to classical all add up to making Lake Constance an exciting destination. Culture tip for winter: Try out a traditional Alemannic costume during Carnival!

Meersburg New Palace at Lake Constance

Castles & palaces

A journey into the past. The region’s castles and palaces are all worth a visit and have a lot to tell.
Dornier Museum in Friedrichshafen at Lake Constance

Museums & exhibitions

Since the times of the Celts and Romans, the region has been home to a number of cultures and crossroads.

Churches & monasteries

Castles, palaces, monasteries and churches: steeped in history, all of them can be found in the Lake Constance region.
Abbey Cathedral of St Gall, UNESCO World Heritage Site close to Lake Constance

UNESCO World Heritage

UNESCO accreditation recognises only the world’s most significant cultural locations – and the Lake Constance region has an abundance of them.
Christmas market in St. Gall close to Lake Constance

Christmas markets

Christmas holiday activities in four different countries...
Fool "Hänsele" on the Lake

Carnival on Lake Constance

Drums, costumes and a foolish hustle and bustle: starting into Fifth Season with carnival celebrations.
Arenenberg close to Lake Constance

Lake Constance gardens

Lake Constance gardens present the region as a refreshing horticultural show.