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A photographer's dream: Lake Constance abounds with motifs that are perfect for sharing on social media — or sending home to your loved ones on a postcard. The Lake Constance Holiday Pass alone contains 160 attractions. There are interesting museums, castles and gardens, mountain lifts and cable cars, theme parks and swimming pools. Even arriving in the region is an experience, e.g. by ship or in a train with panoramic views of the lake.

Hagnau at Lake Constance

Best of Lake Constance

Lake Constance is a dream destination at any time of year.
Hiking close to Lake Constance

Blue-green leisure arena

Lake Constance is not for couch-potatoes. Much better than just twiddling your thumbs...
Abbey library in St.Gall close to Lake Constance

A lively cultural scene

Artists, poets and pioneers have always felt at home on Lake Constance
Thermal bath in Upper Swabia close to Lake Constance

Spa tours & fasting

Unwind on the moor, take a dip in the hot springs and give your circulation a boost
Lake Constance by ship

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Suitable tour suggestions for every occasion
Fisherman at Lake Constance

How to live life to the full

Lake Constance stands for an authentic quality of life

Travelling around Lake Constance

Networked and connected with the lake almost always in sight
inatura - family happiness in the Dornbirn nature show experience at Lake Constance

Family holidays

Boundless fun, excursions and holiday tips for families with children