Erlebniscafé Tekrum Kambly

Ravensburg, Germany

Dive into the world of finest handmade confectionery, premium biscuits, chocolate truffles and enjoy a drink together with a delicious piece of cake in a cosy ambience. The Erlebniscafé is situated in the beautiful old town of Ravensburg in a newly renovated historical building. Watch the master confectioners at work, shop for a sweet souvenir and enjoy the origins of finest biscuit manufacturing.

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Opening hours

Note: Due to the Corona pandemic, the Tekrum Kambly adventure café will be closed on 26.06.2021. The Kambly factory outlets at Schwanenstraße 94 and in Ravensburg city centre, at Bachstraße 31, directly next to the former Erlebniscafé will remain open.

January–26th June 2021
Mon–Sat 10 am–6 pm

Recommended time
90 Minutes

Exclusive for holders of the Bodensee Card PLUS:
One-off 10 % discount on Kambly pastries at the Kambly factory outlet at Schwanenstraße 94 and in Ravensburg city centre, at Bachstraße 31, right next to the former Erlebniscafé. 

Additional information

Visit the adventure cafe Tekrum Kambly barrier-free
Visitors with reduced mobility can visit the cafe without restriction. A wheelchair accessible toilet is also available.

Contact address

Erlebniscafé Tekrum Kambly
Bachstraße 27
88214 Ravensburg

Tel.: +49 751 99438330
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